Circle Of Hope Girls' Ranch Complaints & Reviews

Circle Of Hope Girls' Ranch / not a place for teens struggling

Jul 20, 2018

My name Amanda Householder. I am the daughter of The owners. Who better to give you a review on them than a child of their own. When I look back on my childhood I do not see a happy one I remember wanting to die or wanting to skip it entirely and be an adult. When I was about 2 or 3 and...

Circle Of Hope Girls' Ranch / residency

Jun 11, 2018

So I was at the ranch from age 16-18. I will spare the details of the torment I went through there. I honestly have pushed it so far back in my mind that I can't remember most of it. (that's how I have to cope with it) I've been out about 7 years now. I suffer from extreme anxiety...

Circle Of Hope Girls' Ranch / neglect and abuse

Jan 07, 2011

I went to this boarding school for 15 months, I finally convinced my parents I needed out of this place. Boyd would minipulate the girls not to tell the social workers what was really going on and if we did and we didnt win the case the girls that told the truth would get punished! Or put...