Regency Beauty Institute / RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL

I made an appointment in the morning for a French pedicure for the late afternoon. I had to make arrangements for a babysitter, and it was one of the few times I could get out for some R&R time. When I got there, they had me soak my feet. Then, a manager tells me that they do not have white polish and cannot do a French pedicure. The worker told me to go next door to the nail salon and get my pedicure done there. I ask to talk to a manager higher up, and an elderly larger woman named Chris comes and says I need to pay or she is calling the police. I say, "Oh, okay, so you are going to call the police because you soaked my feet and I won't pay?" They didn't even touch my nails, and the instructor should be smart enough to know that you don't soak feet after they are painted! She was unprofessional and rude, and to be honest, I have been there a few times, and every time it takes 2-3 hours to do what a professional salon can do in a half an hour. I am NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN!

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