Regency Beauty Institute / cosmetology school SCAM!

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I had been attending Regency Beauty Institute in Wichita, Kansas. A few days ago i was forced to un enroll due to a fake "policy" not accepting doctors notes and and make up hours when the enrollment contract says "The Student and the School acknowledge that he/she should not rely upon, any prior statement agreements, whether oral or written, except those set forth in this agreement...An amendments to this agreement must be in writing and signed by both the student and the school."
Regency is also going against their refund policy, stated in section s of the contract, and charging people more money. Regency is scamming many other students in all campus' around the united states. Don't let them trick you. If this happens to you file a complaint. Lets put an end to this!

Don't let regency crush your dream like they did mine.

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  • Li
      30th of Apr, 2010

    I am currently attending Regency and I would have to say that I agree 100%. My attendence is at a 52% right now because My 2 yr old daughter was in and out of the hospital for about 2 weeks and when I told them about it and explained why my attendence was so low, the only thing they were worried about was that they didnt want me to get terminated because they would lose out on their money!! I am still going, but I am very discouraged and not wanting to go even more day after day. Not only are they inconciderate, The instructors only seem to take a likeing to there kind, I am not raciest at all, but I feel like I am left out on my learning skills ect because I do not share the same ethnicality. I dont want to attend the school any longer. The only reason I am sticking with it is because I dont want to have pay the 20.000$'s to a school that is not concerened about anything but their MONEY!!! Oh and one other thing... A girl keyed my car at school on Wendsday and when I told the instructors who and what they did, they said "oh, I am sorry"..Just guessing, but maybe its because I am one out of only 15 white girls that go to my school and only 2 white teachers?? I am not the only person at school that feels like we are left out because of our color, I just thought that Regency had higher standerds for the people they let run their companies!!

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  • Sh
      5th of May, 2010

    Regency is not at all racist and very unbiased. There will always be a few that feel they are not being treated fairly. If you had to take off for your daughters hospitalization, you should have taken a family medical leave of absence. If you had a job in a salon instead of being a student, you would have been fired. Stop blaming others and take blame yourself. Regency is one of the only beauty colleges that give a damn about their students. They instill a culture that accepts everyone for who they are not what they are.

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  • D0
      2nd of Aug, 2010

    Bullcrap...Regency is all about there money. Stop yelling at her. She feels how she feels. I felt the same way and I am African American.

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  • Kb
      2nd of Sep, 2010

    this makes me nervous... i'm scheduled to start there september 13 2010, and i still owe about 4500 after financial aid, and if i have to drop a week or 2 into it, will i get a refund back? or what happens to the money? i dont wanna get screwed over.

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  • Oh
      18th of Oct, 2010

    I attended Regency in Champaign IL and I can assure you if you go to school you wont have an attendance problem. On the other hand they make it very very difficult to take a leave!!! I had to argue over and over with my advisor about signing my leave papers. I took time off due to weather and she wanted to know if I could go to the campus and sign them...are you kidding I cant get there due to weather [censored] thats why I am taking a leave!!! This happened a couple times to me with leave of absence. Also there is soooo much favoritism with the african american teacher there!!! And the floor manager is caucasean and dates only black men so her favs are the black students and those who wanna be!

    Glad Im done!!!

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  • Re
      18th of Oct, 2010

    Regency sucks. I have been wanting to do hair since I was little. I have considered doing other things and I still do, but I love doing hair and nails. I thought Regency looked like a good school to go to and I felt like after meeting with the campus manager that the teachers really cared about everyone succeeding, but I was very wrong. There is one teacher at the Aurora-Naperville campus that I can say complete good things about, another teacher who I learned from but has no business teaching if she can't get her attitude right, and the other teacher picks her favorites. No one ever explained to me how you are supposed to go about doing time adjustments so the entire time I thought I was getting credit for my hours that I had forgotten to clock out for and when I called my advisor, talked to the educator, AND my campus manager they all explained to me that nothing could be done. If they can't do anything who can.. because no one seemed to be able to answer that for me. Also, I missed a couple of tests, and I know I did, so I made them up. I took my 320 twice, because I missed 6 too many the first time, and the second time I only missed 5. You are not allowed to take the 320 unless EVERYTHING is taken care of (tests, model days, etc), well after I took my 320 I was informed that I did not take 2 tests, did not pass 1, and "didn't take" some other tests.. funny how one of the students seen me in the office taking one of those tests I "didn't take". I was furious and made my mind up that I would not retake those tests because it was such bs lies. I decided later that I would just take them because of how excited I was to get on to the floor. I asked my campus manager to get the study guides for me and she said that would be fine. I never got them. I never got them so then I asked another head person to get me the study guides and she told me she would tell the campus manager when she got in. I didn't get them, so I went and talked to the campus manager who told me no one informed her that I had asked for them again, I still didn't get them. I asked an educator who told me to ask the campus manager... anyone see something wrong with this?

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  • Ma
      18th of Nov, 2010

    i believe all of this an feel that we all need t get together an boycot them because this is not rite we need t do something about this!!!

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  • Ja
      14th of Jan, 2011

    Mac Mark- I really think we need to start speaking with attorneys on what can be done. I don't think they think students will go that far, but I can be a very persistant, resourcful little buger. I'm just waiting on my bill. Let's get on the horn!

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  • Oa
      3rd of Feb, 2011

    My daughter attended the Regency in Austin - started Fall 2010. The instructors did not show up for work and she spent most of the time on the floor with clients "playing with the mannequin head" because they were short staffed. She also NEVER got the study guides she needed. When she enrolled, she was told (and documents confirmed) that if you were late or forgot to clock in, you could just fill out a time exception report. They say this changed the first day of class, but none of the students were ever told so more than 15 minutes late and she had to leave the campus until the next session which started 4 HOURS LATER! She would lose an entire day because she lives 40 miles away!! This is a bad school and I hope someone, somewhere listens. To top it off, when she left the school, they reported to the Texas Licensing and Regulation Department that she owed tuition - now having difficulty getting into a REAL school.

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  • Di
      14th of May, 2011

    Actually, there are live model requirements in all states. So they can fail her for not having someone to give a perm. I am a Regency student, though, and I do completely hate the corporation. Your campus manager sounds very much like our Miss Kim.

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  • Di
      7th of Dec, 2015

    That all depends on where you are... and what your situation is. Everyone sees this differently. For those who have problems with sick-leave, it may be unfair... For those who have financial problems, that may be unfair as well. But on the other hand... that all depends on the people you are with as well. For me where I am in Texas... the school is great! I built a lot of confidence in myself there and find that I've learned much more faster and easier there than at my cosmetology CHI-partnered program in high school. Everyone there were great students and the ones with lots of experience helped me so much.

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