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Nor did I recognize their site when my bank today told me of a payment that went out to them on Sunday! Taking me over drawn! When I questioned further we discovered they had been taking money since last November!! I didn't even have a computer last November!! I was wondering why each month I seemed £25 worse off than normal!! THEY ARE A SCAM, I on't know how they got my card details, maybe a sister company or related company I looked at at the time? Because when I looked on their site after finding out about the fraud today I do not recognize the site AT ALL. However what I do know is I'd NEVER agree to pay £25 to a site like this, I watch a lot of free movies online and if I ever come across anything asking me to use the premium services and/or pay I leave the site, Even the ones that offer a free trial as long as you give your credit card I do NOT fill out! I didn't phone the site due to all the comments I saw here! I was already on hold to my bank and I spoke the the police/fraud department... who have told me I will get all 6 months refunded by tomorrow! PHEW! However now I am scared to use the internet as I am still baffled as to how they got my details!


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