Redbox / redbox charging bank account for movies returned

United States

Yesterday while reviewing my bank statement online I noticed a charge to my account from Redbox Rentals. I have been using their services for many years now and never thought of keeping tabs on my returns but now beware. I called the Company and spoke with a customer service lady Amber and she looked up my rentals. First she said that it was 2 movies that show that weren’t returned. “The Devils Own” and ” The Greatest Movie Ever Made”. I said no to her that I did return them I rent several movies a week.

Then with her research she said “Oh I do show that we now have them, it was the movie Jane Ere that we don’t have I said no I returned that as well. I asked to be put through to a Supervisor and talked with her. She said that she can see by my excellent record that she would credit my checking account back.So the next day which is today Tuesday Oct.11th, 2011 I went online to check my bank account balance and noticed that not only my account doesn’t reflect the 28.00 in return but now they charged me 50 something on top of the 28.00 from my account.

I called again and asked to speak with a Supervisor her name is Lori. She told me that I owe for the movies that I just mentioned. Yes I was pissed and expressed my self so. She had a too bad so sad attitude about the situation. I asked to speak with her Supervisor and she said that “he doesn’t get on the phone with customers!” So now I have nearly 90.00 stolen from my account which I can do nothing about until they take the money from my account then I have to file an complaint action through my bank which is Chase to get my money back from these Crooks. I calculated that I rent over 250 movies from them a year.

NO MORE the buck stops here! So far they show over 170 movies for the year 2011. They I found have many flaws in their rental system. why do they not have their machines print you out a receipt when you rent and one when you return the movie for your safety and records. You cant rely on them sending you a confirmation letter receipt on a regular basis. They have lost a VERY GOOD Customer! It’s back to Block Buster for me. Hopefully they won’t go out of business like the rumors were awhile ago!!!


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