Red Rooster Foodsincorrect change provided by attendant

02/02/2017 - 16:20hrs

Red Roster - Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Road, Wishart Queensland 4122

Purchased Can "Lift & Large Family Chips" provided attendant $50 note as payment, was provided change for $20 note, questioned attendant about incorrect change. Attendant indicated that he only received a $20 note, informed attendant that 100% was a $50 note, could see the $50 not still sitting in til note put away, but attendant continued to deny $50, indicated he should check camera, came back couple minutes later still suggesting $20 note. Told attendant I thought he was lying and he knew it was $50 note. I know 100% it was a $50 note as partner had just given me the money. This is really piss poor service, don't treat me like I didn't know what money I had in my hand. Red Roster can either refund the money or I will be lodging complaint with police service.

Feb 02, 2017

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