Red Rooster Foodshalf order missing

We went to our local Red Rooster at Kempsey last night and as you will see from attached receipt spent $72.43. It took along time to gather order, understandably as it was large. The young boy on the cash register got the cheesecake and 4 cans drink for us. The girl packing order, eventually came and gave us one bag, and I said is it all in there, desserts and all, and she said yes. We thought it looked to small to contain everything so we pulled it all out and checked it. We found two chicken gravy rolls missing, two gooey chocolate cakes missing, box of 4 cheesy nuggets missing and caramel sauce for the donut dippa dessert also missing. We also had for some unknown reason 6 small chips instead of 4. I have never had an order so wrong with so much missing before. It was soon sorted, but when we got back to car we realised the box of 4 cheesy nuggets were still missing so had to go back again. I can tell you I will never go back there again. The girl doing the order had the missing chicken rolls sitting next to her with the choc cakes and the man fixing up order went and got them, no apologies from her or anything. On receipt under nuggets it says no sauce, we weren't asked if we wanted any and if we knew we could get some sauce we definitely would have. I suggest you get someone high up to go get the staff there to do their job properly. One very unhappy no longer customer.

Red Rooster Foods

Nov 28, 2018

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