Red Rooster / employment

my gf has been working at red rooster for 5 years
and has back issues and her immune system isn't 100% so she gets sick with coughing and pain monthly.
after 5 years of service her boss says because shes unreliable, her hours have been dropped from around 38 to 19...

In the 6 months i've been with her she's only taken 4 days off a month on bad months and 2 days monthly on good months.
this boss also says that medical certificates arn't important to him...thats illegal to begin with to say that.
i will never ever eat at red rooster again!! nor would i recommend them to others for work.

= my mother who has hip and knee problems works in a nursing home and is always told: have as much time as you need off with pay and over 8 years has never had her hours reduced and told it's cos your unreliable. red rooster could learn much from nursing homes when it comes to dealing with staff =

bosses everywhere should help staff dont just reduce hours and disregard drs notes. if your sick your sick "your not sitting in an ally way with a needle in your arm your resting up for a day or 2 under drs orders"

Apr 11, 2016

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