Red Roof Innsred roof inn airport 35n sheridan tulsa oklahoma 74115

Almost lost our lives! They knocked on our door asking if we were interested in buying drugs. I did not open the door; told them to go away. Called the office. Told sunny what had just happened ; and that we were not going to put up with this. Sunny was asked to come to the room. Sunny was not watching the cameras. Cameras probably do not even work ; up for show & tell. Wanted a description of the guys that were trying to get us to open the door. Believe this is sunny job ; not ours. Sunny did not even try to find out who was messing with us! Fire alarm had toilet paper stuffed in it & door had to be fixed before. So this obviously has happened before. Heaven knows how many times. We will never stay at a red roof inn again!!! So then sunny went to office to call the main manager (who looks just like sunny). While we were waiting for sunny to return back to our room they approached our room again a second time only this time they were trying to kick the door down. So I yelled I am calling the police ; and I did just that! So we called the tulsa police & they were familiar with this red roof in airport 35 n. Sheridan in tulsa oklahoma location!!! This location is a death trap!!! We went back the next day cause we were told we would receive a full refund by the main manager. Think they are in on what is going on at this location cause they did not even look at the videos & this was at 1:00 in the afternoon. Main manager admitted to my husband & I & my sister that he had not looked at the video. Already had made up his pathetic mind about what he had planned to do which was nothing! Guess they are waiting for some one to die before they will get police security for there premises. They trick the customers by using the red roof inn airport logo at 35 n. Sheridan in tulsa oklahoma!!! While we unloading the car we saw 4 drug transactions. No shame in their game!!! This location is known for drug & gang related with prostitutes!!! Also need to know that I have called customer relations 4 times about this location and still have not received a proper response : which is a full refund with our deposit. We were only there for 30 minutes. Please be safe! And avoid this location!

  • Updated by Reginald & Debbie, Jul 30, 2018

    Just got the phone again today with Customer Relations with Red Roof Inn still no progress ! This was the 4th time calling today Shaking OUR Heads !

  • Updated by Reginald & Debbie, Jul 30, 2018

    Just talked to Red Roof Rep.

Jul 30, 2018

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