Realestateexpress.comPoorly designed

Great Marketing and easy to sign up. That's where the compliments stop. The website is horrible. It has a learning curve that takes hours to learn to use it. It is NON-intuitive and downright impossible to move smoothly through. I find myself spending at least as much time fighting the website as I do working on the material, some days I spend even more time dealing with website problems than studying the course materials.

I'm not one to complain normally. The fact that my instructor has never answered the one and only question I've asked so far bothered me, but I decided to spend an hour or so answering my own question. I did not complain. Hours of lost time chasing around a poorly designed website with tons of operational problems upset me but I vowed to just plow through and not complain. The reason I am writing this today is that I experienced a "last straw" episode. Here's my story:

I had spent over an hour on the math portion of the Math Test. I had answered all of the questions and felt good about it. I clicked to get it graded and it went to a page that said the server was not responding. I tried going back to the test and all of my answers were gone...I was incredibly frustrated. After waiting several minutes for them to answer their phone (I'm sure they were inundated with calls about the server being down) the lady told me, only after I pressed, that the server had in fact HAD BEEN TAKEN DOWN for updates and maintenance. WHY WOULDN"T THEY LET THEIR STUDENTS KNOW when the servers are going to be taken down for updates? I know why. They could care less. The course material itself works for me, although there's no way to know which questions you missed on the big tests I've taken so far. So you can't go back and learn about the subject questions that deal with which questions you missed. That is a MAJOR FLAW.

If you have 120-150 hours to spend on this 60 Hour Credit course (Virginia Licensing), the additional time over 60 hours being necessary and due to technical problems with their website, by all means, go for it. The course itself is actually well designed for my learning ability, other than the major flaw I mentioned above.

I've paid for the course so I plan to complete it, even if it drives me mad. I assure you my ongoing training that is required in my state (CRE) will be done elsehere. Never again.

Jan 23, 2015

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