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These people don't have a clue as to what they are doing. I complained to them but everything falls on to deaf ears. I was forced by them to take a national exam in the presence of a proctored which is not required by VA. First I ask to take the National Exam when I took the State Exam at our local PSI center in VA and I was told I couldn't do that. I was lead to believe that the proctored exam score if passed would be sent to my VA center which is was not. After finding out the proctored exam didn't count I ask why did you require the proctor? The reply was it VA Code that the exam be proctored. I searched through the VA Code and could never find any such requirement. I ask Real Estate Express to give me the code that this requirement was under. I was sent a VA Code for a person that was studying to be an instructor. When I challenged them and sent the correct VA code to obtained a real estate license they dismissed it. After pointing out that the qualification for the two different professions were completely different it still didn't matter to them. I was fed up with their resistance to even look at the two different occupations I just gave up. Yesterday I was contacted by again one of Real Estate Express's agents, she said that she thought this matter had been clear up, which it had not, just because I didn't want to continue on didn't mean the matter was clear. When I pointed out to her the differences in the requirement for each applicant. Get this she said "the qualifications are for the instructor teaching the class". I may not have a master degree, but I worked in Federal and State Taxation for 15 years and had to refer to the Codes many times. The Codes are not riddles in which you have to decipher they are written explicit for the intended purpose for which it is written. When she said that I realize none of these people have a clue as to what they are doing. I am surprise that they are in business. I attempted to post this comment on their website but it kept me going around in circles with the wonderful comments about their business, more than likely those comments where as fraudulent and their business model.

May 6, 2017

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