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I started with their program to get my salesperson license. Their study process is terrible. You can not start next class if you do not pass the first one. And if you fail for the exam for the class, you have to wait 18 days to take another one. Which means it is going to take you 4-5 months, just to get 3 Classes( assuming that you do pass the class exam at the first time, their final class exam is setting up so difficult that make you easily fail the first time, and their quits are not related to the final exam AT ALL) So after you finished your study, you passes all the quits, and you feel pretty confident about final exam, YOU ARE STILL FAR AWAY from their final class exam and you do not even know where to start to get prepared. The study materials are not related to the final exam at all. Terrible!!! They will not offer any refund after 7 days trail, even you didnt start their other classes in the package you bought, they charge you STILL! Terrible School.

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