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RazorGator/Yankee Tickets / Scammed

1 NJ, United States
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I was similiarly scammed as described below:

I went to to purchase tickets to a yankee game. I was misled and was instead sold tickets to a resturant. Then, when I tried to dispute the purchase, like below, I was told that "I should have known better!" Basically implying that I was an idiot. In some places on the site it was indicated that the "Audi" section was not a ticket purchase. However, my tickets were not similarly labeled by the seller. Evidently I found out, the seller can say anything they want. Entries are not vetted by RazorGator. Basically, it's a free-for-all. Be very, very careful of this scam!

Other Person's experience . . .

Razorgator sold us tickets on field level, section 14 as a reply to my husband's request for stadium tickets to the Yankees game. At no time did he request a restaurant nor did razorgators reveal it was a restaurant. since razorgators had seemed to be a reputable company; he did not have any reason to suspect misleading advertising. He left on a month long overseas business trip and the tickets arrived at the house in the US. Upon his return he realized the deceptiveness.

Customer services at razorgators said he should have known the tickets should have cost more. Never having gone to the ball park how were we to know what the price should have been? If they are a reputable company; why not just say these were tickets to a restaurant instead of actual tickets to the game as he had requested.

Also, razorgators did not invoice this restaurant sale. They just debited his bank account the extra money. My husband had made another purchase at Shea stadium which they did send him the invoice.


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