Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping LLPRefund not received

We paid them a deposit to have our boat moved and they have not returned it because they could not keep our dates. We cancelled the services from Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping. After numerous emails and phone calls that was made from our side to Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping ( Rick and Anthony ) about our refund due there has been no funds refunded as of today. Out of all the messages, emails and phone calls only two responds were made: The first email respond from Rick I have in my files stated we will receive our refund the week of the 15th December 2016.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Seattle, WA The second time was by telephone the week of the 16th January 2017 from Anthony that said we will receive the refund no later than 27th January 2017. The contract states clearly:"If boats are not loaded within 30 days of the laycan dates specified in Paragraph 6 of this contract, a full refund of the deposit will be made and this contract will be null and void."
We have been nothing but patient with this whole situation that we missed charters/business in the Caribbean due to the cancellation of the contract, furthermore the owner of the yacht were not able to use it as we waited for weeks as the dates kept getting pushed back further and further then finally got canceled in December 2016. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! IT'S A SCAM!!!

Feb 02, 2017

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