Rapid Recovery Solutions / scam

United States

October 2009 I sent away for a tooth whitner you just paid shipping and handling. I Got the product. And never heard a thing in till April 8 2010, when I reeiced a letter from Rapid Recovery Solutions telling me I owed 158.27. They told me I did not read the terms and conditions. I tried for several days to locate this company because I now was being told I owed 474.81. I still had the product and it was in no way worth that amount. I was given several names for the company Everbright smiles than Brite star smiles, told to try smiles with and s I can not locate this so called company. When I made this transaction I used a rebate debit card so i would not have my info in internet land. After going through several days of frustration I found my rebate debit and was able to look up my charges. On the charges I have three differant names now for this company Premiere phone number no good Beutyclub spelled that way phone number no good and the last one Hollywood Beauty Labs Inc again bad phone number. I did send Reapid Recovery a certified letter saying I wanted proof that this company is valid. Today I got a letter from their attorney again saying I did not read the terms and conditions. One last thing I have all three products I sent away for all from supsly differant sights all three also with differant names. PLease help me I do not want to ruin my credit over this. I have exellent credit in the Eight hundreds.Please call me [protected]

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