Rapid Fulfillmentskin tek mole & skin tag remover

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I ordered this item once and it did not work. My initial order was on 28 nov 2016 and I was charged $77.09 for 2 jars when I only initially ordered 1 jar. I received a secondary charge on same day for $26.78 for I don't know what ? ? And now I have received another jar without ordering and was charged a further $67.92! This is fraud on a large scale! I would like all future orders stopped immediately and no further amounts debited from my credit card. Order number 362354 order date 12/24/2016 ship date 12/27/2016 was not ordered by me! I do not want this worthless product and want all future orders and charges stopped immediately! I request a full refund. This product is deceitful and does not do anything other than waste money and time!

Rapid Fulfillment
Rapid Fulfillment
Rapid Fulfillment

  • Updated by Akaroa1, Mar 02, 2017

    Definitely a scam!
    They should be forced to repay everyone! Dispute transaction with your bank too. Hopefully they may help. I too have been scammed by them and am still trying to get refund.
    Good luck

  • Updated by Akaroa1, Mar 02, 2017

    Definitely a scam! I too have fallen to their prey! I have taken action and have also disputed with my process of trying to get refund.
    Good Luck!

Jan 17, 2017
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  • Tr
      Feb 28, 2017

    I ordered Derma Tec x 1 order only I have now been sent another order which I didn't order . I have tried to cancel this order but have not had any responseI keep getting charged s on my visa card This is a SCAM

    Order no. [protected]=$89.46 06/01/2017
    Order no. [protected] =$25.75 06/01/2017
    THEN on 04/02/2017 Order no. [protected] =$67.93 THIS I DID NOT ORDER PLEASE GIVE ME SOME HELP TO STOP THESE ORDERS


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