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Aarhus, Denmark
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I signed up for a 30 day trial of the bronze plan (card details was needed). later that day I clicked on the link to go to the next plan(to get more keywords) there was no i etc. It just instantly upgraded me to that plan.
OK whats the problem?
I didn't authorise any payments, I only signed up for a trial.
But I noticed 2 charges on my card over the weekend. They have now resolved to showing both plans were instantly charged to the card. Note there is no receipt or invoice supplied via email or your website account area, just the charges showing up. Nor is there a support link anywhere on the site. there is a contact us link that I used to email them. from which I have received no response so far.
I'm not happy and think I will have to change my Credit card, as I see someone is saying they keep getting billed even thou they have removed there CC details and account.

May 1, 2017

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