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My name is Ernesto Medina and I was involved in a horrible deal with this dealership. Back in late December-early January, my wife and I were approved on a loan for a used 2006 GMC P-U. My wife provided a $500 coupon (from your website) and we provided a $500 down payment and my 1994 GMC P-U (with title). We drove off the lot and wouldn't you know - not even a week later, we had received a message stating that the loan was denied and that the dealership needed to the truck back or the police will be involved (message left on a Saturday night). We promplty took the truck back that following Monday to inquire what was going on. We were told that the bank required a larger down payment ($6500 more) to approve the loan. If we were informed in advance of this, we wouldn't have wasted your employees' time and ours, but we were duped into believing that the loan was approved only to look like idiots afterwards. Regardless, we turned in the vehicle and insisted for my truck with the title back. The truck was pulled up to the front and the title was missing. Infuriated, I demanded for my title because I didn't want to leave the lot without the title. Your employees spent some time trying to search for the title and ultimately couldn't find anything. We were supposed to pick up the check for the money put down within a day or two and informed them that we are going to pick up the check and would like to have the title to my truck, as well. We went on December 31st and picked up the check, but no title. I was outside waiting for my wife as my son was asleep. About 30 minutes passed, and she had informed me that they couldn't find the title and were going to order it and we should have it within 10 days. Irate, I left and gave you guys the opportunity to come through. We are now in February (February 9th to be exact) and I spoke with Billy (manager on my account) and was informed that it should have been ordered. But I had informed him that we had not received it and needed the title immediately. Whether or not legal action can be taken, I really didn't appreciate Billy comparing losing a title to a vehicle to losing a piece of newspaper. Regardless, he has informed me that the lady in charge of ordering that information was not in and that he would call her again tomorrow, 2-10, to check the status of the missing title (or paperwork). I am just disappointed with this dealership and plan on informing those I know never to experience the Randall Reed experience because you may get screwed in the long run. Thank you for your time.

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      Apr 11, 2009

    They are total rip-off dealerships. I have not heard of anyone that has had a good experience with this company. I too have been burned. I have turned them into the Texas State Department of Fraud. I don't know if I will ever see the money they owe me or not. BUYERS BEWARS DON'T EVER DEAL WITH ANY OF THE RANDALL REED'S PLANAT FORD DEALERSHIPS/

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  • No
      Mar 31, 2011

    whoever posted this comment please contact me I have some information for you. Similar thing happen to me. [protected]

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