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Due to job loss I couldn't make payments for 2 months and started again last month.Your agent Syed Kumail sent me 5 emails every day harassing me to make the minimum due which I made including charges.He confirmed after making this payment I would be back to normal and making my minimum payments till my job is sorted.Now this month again they have raised the charges and asking for 1013 as minimum amount which is completely false as communicated by Kumail.Agent named abbas Ali sent me numerous emails and I confirmed what Kumail had told me last month.I could only pay 500 aed per month till my job is sorted/my limit on card is 6k.Abbas ali is a fraud and a completely unethical person who should have no role in banking.Out of numerous emails he has sent me, his designation has changed from accounts executive to manager legal to head of legal department.I have a record off all.When MS kurubin emailed stating she's the team leader, I emailed her about the same and how the staff is be fooling customers.I was shocked to see the next email from Kerubin with her designation changed as well to head of legal RAK.

I will surely consider taking this to central bank or highlight the issue on social media so a bank with the stature of RAK knows better as to who they should employ.The staff is of low ethical values and full of greed misinforming customers and harassing them unethically.

Lastly your staff Abbas Ali has also managed to create a fake email address of a government of Dubai official which he includes in the email.This is a grave insult and unlawful.

I hope you look into it and take care of it.Sime rotten apples can't define your bank.


  • Dear Customer,
    Please contact us on [protected] or provide your contact number for us to reach you.
    Thank you

  • Updated by Tahirzaffar, Jun 06, 2018

    Kindly email me back or give me a number of a person I can speak directly with who is aware of the situation and has looked into it.Its your very values “integrity “ that’s in question.


Jun 04, 2018

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