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  • Su
      Dec 23, 2016

    I have am also facing same problem with rak bank, after we are attending calls and explaining our status. we are searching for the job most days without food even. also for the loan payment even though we have paid the full insurance premium for the same. they are also calling and sending people to home in india too and some of the collection team is speaking in bad words in hindi to me. we are in the problem and running away still they are harassing too much, different people are calling from different mobile number and land line number.

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  • Ni
      Jan 29, 2017

    I've been a customer of rak bank for the past 10 years religiously doing the payments and making sure all payments are done timely. now that I have some extra money wanted to close the card and loan that I have with rak bank. I called asked the outstanding amounts to pay and did the payment promptly. since that day every day i'm trying to call and request for a closure and i'm told to pay 100 aed sometime, 20 aed sometime, 160 aed sometime. this is continuing since the past 10 days. every day I go to the rak atm and do the payment and request for a closure and to my surprise I am told a new amount to pay (can you pay this amount now?). everyday I get told this is the outstanding for now and you pay this and request for a closure, once I do this payment they give me a fake ref number for card closure which later I know does not have any meaning.
    The customer care people are only playing around with customers and taking them for a ride.
    I'm so frustrated and very upset with the bank. I was under the impression that rak bank was a good bank but I am wrong.

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  • Bu
      May 08, 2017

    The bank employees are very unprofessional, giving false information! is it normal to process a personal loan more that 2 months after you submitted all the required documents and keep saying t's approved? the sale agent/ the team leader is not even helping and keep ignoring my calls and messages!

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  • Na
      Aug 26, 2017

    Hiii this narayana I get credit card loan 2013 but im paying some of my payment. I loses do to my company deley salary es legal department they safar me morethen my life do to deley work my company send long vacation. Eventho I pay 3 months with my friends 3 months deley they call me home they talk with my mother completely unexpected way. Really never see kind of bank how I can solve this bank I can sleep properly if I am India I can put agenest bank do they del with my mother please help me how to solve this bank thanks
    050 5113963

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  • Na
      Aug 27, 2017

    Good evening
    Hiii sir,
    Regrading 5124 0368 9869 6004 my card number, my problems for rak bank I get credit card loan 2013, 80000 still date I am paying until 2015 after that do to my company salary delay iam not paying countesses even tho I pay wht I have iam asking rak bank when I was vacation long leave already I pay 2 month there was 3 month pending then one of antoney from legal department dubai he call my home that time my mother was there his talking my mother completely unexpected way my mother was crying do to this call iam asking rak bank who calling rak bank legal departmental they are talking kind of thinks as his say ur randi mens hindhi??? broker also talking xxxx banks like that never see special rak bank
    2013 to 2017 still my amount not done because rak bank double interesting, even nobody can pay until his expiry in uae iam asking rak bank its care ct if any clarification please ur bank calling my home record


    I hope I get some one solve's to me

    Narayana tukkadi
    050 5113963

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  • My
      Nov 21, 2018

    I, hand on heart, thought I was the only one but evidently I am not.

    Hadaf Al Khaleej Debt Collections LLC [Tahseel] External Legal Agency - [protected]; [protected] and [protected];

    Took out a very small loan and after returning to the UK I tried to contact the bank to pay it back with no response! but then I get an email almost a year later. Perfect, I can now clear my debt and be free! This low life was on the phone to me threatening me! im at work. we agreed on how I will be paying it. At the same time another low life emails my HR manager (I have just found this job and I believe they picked it up from Linked in). Email reads:

    We are acting on behalf of our client Emirates Islamic Bank who has instructed/authorized us to recover from (X) the entire settlement of his dues.

    We seek your assistance in recovering the outstanding amount lawfully due and request you to kindly verify with the details provided by us above and reply back to us with confirmation if the above mentioned person is working for your good establishment. We request you for maintaining of confidentiality, as we do not intend to harm your firm’s or any employee’s reputation.

    If the above details are correct, please provide us with his new contact numbers (mobile, home and office numbers) and personal email address, which could be of help to us in reaching him.

    We look forward to receiving your positive response and cooperation in this regard.

    Note: If you are not the concern person for doing the verification please provide the right person’s email address.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Aarif Mulla

    Team Leader,

    Hadaf Al Khaleej Debt Collections L.L.C., United Arab Emirates.

    Mobile: +971 555081105, Direct Number: +97165930925, Office: +97165560300, Fax : +97165560301.

    They forwarded it to me. Weren't very happy and month later I lost my job! Now I have been out of a job for 6 months after due to the mental and emotional stress they caused. Thank God I have a job now and paying the money back. I am in the process to raise attention to Interpol and the UAE government to consider regulations over their Debt collecting companies. This has been an absolute joke!
    I am ok but imagine someone lost his/her job or unable to work. has a family/children to take care off and needs a little more time to pay it all back. yes you shouldn't have taken the loan out in the first place, but the harassment has no place anywhere in the world!

    I am working with a Lawyer to get this resolved. Please feel free to comment or reply to me to push this forward. I will pay my loan and get my compensation so really not losing much!

    Lets do this guys! People, that aren't willing to think before they earn a living the "halal" way deserve noting less! SOZ

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