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I am a former emplyoee of Radioshack. I resigned because of the fact that I tried to file a sexual harrassment case against one of my co-workers. My DM told me that I needed to quit being dramatic and that I needed to grow the [censored] up. I'm so disturbed as to how a company can run a business and a corporation like this. I made several complaints to my DM and the only thing that he had ever said to me was that I needed to quit being dramatic and that I needed o grow up. What kind of DM says that to an actual sexual harrassment complaint? I mean things were bad when this employee started and started calling me baby and babygirl. When my manger confronted him with this, he replied, "I knew what I was getting my self into, coming to work with a bunck of women." When we all felt offended by this we went to our DM and he [DM] said that we needed to quit being dramatic and childish. I had many instances with this employee and his sexual comments and his prying into personal life, for example, he asked me one day if my boyfriend and I shared a room. When I replied that yes we did, he said " So ya'll share a bed?" When I said that yes we did, he made a comment that we weren't married and that he couldn't believe that our parents would let us do a thing like that. I'm 20 and no longer live under my parents roof and my boyfriend is 21 and quite frankly, it's none of his business.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Crockett, TX One would think that when you walk into a environment that is supposed to be professional you wouldn't be judged about your personal life. I was having a bad day one day and wasn't my normal happy self and this employee said, "Are having your period or something?" What does my preformance have to do with my period? When I told him that it was none of his business, he said "Well I guess so." He would always call me Miss and when I asked him to stop because I didn't like it, he told me that he was 34 yrs old and could call me whatever he pleased. He was always wanted to be right behind me when I had to use the computer to make a cell and he always found a was to touch me. After I resigned, as I was leaving the store, my co-worker came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder and started to rub it and said "Sweetheart, I'm glad that you are leaving." This is a n outrage!! My Manager also resigned because of this same issue. She complained to our DM, and all the DM would tell us is to quit being dramatic. This particular co-worker would call us sweetheart, baby, babygirl, and honey. After making multiple complaints against him the DM would tell us that we were being childish and over dramatic. How would anyone feel if they were called baby and sweetheart by someone that they didn't really know and this person was not related to them? This needs to be taken care of and this DM needs to be let go.

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      Dec 29, 2010

    I too used to work for Radioshack. When I worked there, we went through 3 bosses in a 2 month span. The first boss ((sr. Manager of 18 years)) was "let go" because he had to get his leg amputated due to diabetus(sp). He had plenty of sick time and vacation time to take the time needed to go. Our WONDERFULL D.M. Mr. Dave Swanson, let him go because "it was taking too long". So we got a temp manager who was great. Then a new manager named Qui. Who apparently used to manage a Good Guys store. Come to find out from a former employee from there that Mr Qui was a entry level person who lied on his resume to Dave Swanson. Who doesn't seem to look into backrounds for truth like a DM should.

    Well now why I am saying this. I am a male while i do agree that women should be treated equal... The issue here is that i was stamped with Harassment on Qui for telling him to "Staple correctly". Believe me when i tell you. He basicly takes a huge stack of random paper and recipts and staples them after folding them in half. Not only does it cause more work and trouble for the people who do the paper work. It is not how we were trained to do so. Anyone who works at radioshack knows the paperwork process we go though with cell phone plans and the like.

    All in all. Radioshack has fallen from its former glory thanks to idiot managers and D.Ms.

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  • Su
      Nov 26, 2011

    How the [censored] does Dave Swanson still sticks around? He is a circus monkey who used to be a used car salesman with three brain cells without any ethics.

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