Radio Shackunprofessional & misinformed manager

Nov 3, 2010, visited Radio Shack to inquire about DVD palyer. Spoke w/ the so called manager. Was told the item is for on-line order only. Fine, does it deliver to store (free shipping)? "NO, it does not"

Checked on-line and the item in fact ships free to store. Called the store, asked for manager, he comes on the phone and here are the incidents proving how imbecile this guy is:

1- When answering the phone; "Yeah, what do you you want".

A 10-year old kid has more manners that this guy. HELLOOOOO, Radi Shack, may be a little training is in order?

2- The Lie; "I never told you it does not ship to store."

3- Attempt to cover up the lie; "I said that it should be mailed to you as we may mishandle or misplace the merchandise at store."

That is the most idiotic statement, EVER. So, Radio Shack people are SO incompetent that they may lose or damage shipped product that the customer has already been charged for? Wake up call; credit card companies are really good at taking care of nonsense like that.

This guy is totally worthless. With so many complaints written and filed against Radio Shack, it is disturbing corporate does not take action to correct conditions hence, the rest of these incompetent personnel keep on acting the way they do.

NO MORE Radio Shack, neither the local store nor on-line.


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