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I'm really disappointed of my bad experience with the Radio Shack Customer Service. I sent my MP4 Creative Zen for Service at Radio Shack, the customer service specialist made sure to write in the receipt describing the device status that it only had little few scratches on the screen, when I received it at the store after being served, it had scratches at the back. The wearied thing that the customer service specialist was wondering why I’m upset "it's not that difficult" he sad and I refused to receive the Mp4. I told him that the reference document in this case is the original receipt describing the status of the device when I did deliver it to the store

The funny thing is that I’m the Executive Director of a consulting firm working in the field of upgrading companies using SIX SIGMA Methodologies, in our trainings we always use examples of companies in the size of Radio Shack describing how they are customer oriented and data driven.

Well, I live in Egypt, the customer service specialist's name is Ramy the store is located at Roushdy - Alexandria the receipt number is 68154

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  •   Oct 01, 2008

    I went to the Radio Shack store in my town on 2 separate occasions looking for an odd AC adapter for a indoor fountain. I brought the adapter itself in the first time. The manager who's name is Chris, took a look at the adapter, looked through his various adapter plugs and stated he didn't have anything that would work.

    He then went on to the next customer. Okay that wasn't a problem as I figured I would just have to keep looking. A month or so later, I came back in with the actual fountain piece that the adapter plug would fit into. Once again, I was "helped" by Chris. He pointed me to the various adapter plugs he had on one wall. He said if I didn't find a plug that would work, then I would have to just check elsewhere since they didn't have what I needed. Well I didn't find anything obviously and went on my way. Once again, no harm, no foul. Tonight was a completely different story though. I went into the store again for something different but this time my boyfriend was with me. Chris was the one who asked if we needed help and my boyfriend told him what we were looking for. After finding what we came for, my boyfriend mentioned to Chris that he was looking for an adapter for a tabletop fountain. Chris went to the adapter plug wall with my boyfriend to help him find the correct plug. I went out to my SUV and got the adapter that I had brought in on my previous visit so they could find an adapter with the correct voltage, which they did. Then Chris proceeded to go to a big storage unit within the store and search for the right plug for the adapter. He looked for about 10 minutes and came up with a plug, . but since I wasn't sure it would work with the fountain, I went back out to my SUV again and got the part of the fountain I had brought in before when I was by myself.

    Amazingly the plug that Chris found fit perfectly. He spent about 15 minutes with my boyfriend to make sure he found what he was after, yet when I came in with the same exact requests and same pieces in hand on 2 different visits I was quickly sent on my way without anything more than a cursory look at the parts. I am looking for the Customer Service Number for Radio Shack tomorrow. It may do me no good, but I don't appreciate being discriminated against because I'm a female.

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  •   Dec 01, 2008

    In a letter to the CEO, Julian Day, I wrote the following:

    I am a perfect example of a typical Radio Shack customer. I have made quite a few purchases there over the years, and when friends have a need for something in the electro-technical area, I would have been among the first to suggest that they visit their local Radio Shack. In other words, I was part of a strong loyal customer base.

    The company however is being undermined by very, very poor middle management. Here has been the most recent very disappointing experience at my local Radio Shack. I recently purchased a medium priced Jensen CD/AM-FM combination player which was both AC and DC. I had been using the AC with regular alkaline batteries, and found that using this as often as I did, I was spending too much on batteries.

    I went to my local Radio Shack (Edison, NJ, US Rt. #1, Wick � Pathmark Shopping Plaza ) and found that the Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries ( SIZE C ) were about $17.00 for two. I needed six. I purchased four that day (about a month ago) and just this past week I bought another two. The Alkaline batteries finally ran out so I began to charge the six Nickel Metal Hydrides. I was using a fairly new Ray O Vac, all purpose battery charger that was good for both Nickel Metal Hydrides and Nickel Cadmiums. I knew that it worked well because I had been using it for my AA and AAA batteries all along. The two most recently purchased �C� cells took the charge after a few hours with no problem. The four batteries that I purchased about a month or so prior, did not take the charge. I left the batteries in the charger overnight and found that they did not charge at all. I used a small volt meter to check them and they were completely dead.

    I never kept the packaging or the receipt, because I never anticipated this to happen. It was a battery, not a device, and until this time it never occurred to me that a brand new battery couldn�t be charged. The batteries appear to be brand new and they are clearly marked RADIO SHACK, so where else would I have purchased them?

    I returned to the store and merely asked for an exchange. The manager, who started to say his name was Edward, said that he could not exchange them without the packaging. I obviously explained that I didn�t have the receipt or the package, but, if he looked he could see they were brand new. He printed out the receipt and said this is the policy and would not help me after that. I asked him for his name and he refused. I asked him for the name of his supervisor and he said he didn�t know. I asked him how I could contact his supervisor and he wrote down a number, [protected]) that I called and called and called, but no one ever answered and there was no message.

    I called to Texas to your office and was routed to the answering service for the Central New Jersey regional manager but never received a return call. I AGAIN called to your office [protected] ) and used the internal directory and left a message with YOUR service and never received a return call.

    The return policy clearly states:

    Merchandise must be returned in like-new condition (except for damage caused by any product defect) with the original packaging materials (including barcode/UPC label), accessories, instructions, and the original sales receipt, otherwise your product may not be eligible for return or it�s return may be subject to a refurbishing fee�Radio Shack performs a careful inspection of all returned items for signs of use or wear.

    The KEY WORD is otherwise� I would have gladly subjected the batteries for inspection and then OTHERWISE had the staff replace them! The manager would not even entertain the notion that the product was defective! If this was a few dollars or a complicated device I could be more understanding. I even asked them to hold the defective batteries over night and try to charge them for me. The batteries are advertised as being able to be charged over and over again. These were CLEARLY brand new. The manager was unresponsive and said to me the policy was clear, no receipt no exchange. There wasn�t even any inspection. All I received from that store was an arrogant and inexcusable excuse for customer service. It is no wonder that these store are in trouble.

    If these items cannot be replaced, I have been cheated out of over $35.00 for batteries that cannot be charged and never could be charged because they were defective and they could obviously not have been purchased ANYWHERE else BUT Radio Shack.

    My wife is the national customer service manager for a major Fortune 500 company and practically argued with me that it would be impossible for a company the size of Radio Shack to tolerate this level of customer care (non-service) and an attitude of arrogance that can only be explained by inadequate or non-existent management.

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  • Ar
      Mar 11, 2009

    i went ot radio shack on myrtle ave.GLENDALE-MYRTLE
    57-36 MYRTLE AVE
    GLENDALE, NY 11385
    Phone: [protected]
    and usually you have atleast cordial sales people well i was approached by a salesperson 2 different times and the guy just stepped up to me like just got in my face without saying anything, if he wasnt wearing a radioshack uniformm shirt i wouldnt ve known he worked there after about 3-4 minutes of him staring at me i was like yeah, he was like whattya want? like he was trying to intimidate me oir something, when asked to speak to a manager i was told none were avaliable and they would not tell me their names, that aggressivbe stance they took with me had it not been in a store wouldve been a fight aywhere elsei called their customer svc number ands still waiting to hear back from them

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  • Pr
      Sep 24, 2009

    A Radio Shack in Egypt is not a corporate store; it is a franchise, ran by and the way of a wo/man in full control of only his four walls, and unfortunately he was not customer oriented. Radio Shack as a corporation is very customer service oriented. You'll lose your job quicker for a customer issue than anything else you might stupidly do - such as posting to a public forum with terrible grammar to complain mistakenly about a corporation when your issue is with an individual's personal business.
    Also, if you did care to wage your complaint with Radio Shack the corporation, that person's personal business would be reviewed and perhaps even stripped of it's Radio Shack logos. I am sure Radio Shack does such things because no corporation likes for things like this post to happen, and I'd bet least of all Radio Shack.

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  • Ri
      Jun 30, 2010

    i wish buy new tv by RS.rushdy...thnx for warning...

    its better i go to other shop...good service is important ...

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  • Es
      Mar 17, 2011

    Bad Customer Service ! Ghetto ! and really need to be closed down or hire all new employees including the manager (Melanie). They don't even greet you when you enter the store, No eye contact when speaking to customers. My AT&T acct was mess up after I bought a phone from them. Long story short, Radio shack did not back date my service with at&t thus making it look like I just sign up with AT&T locking me under a new contract w/o telling me. I would have to pay 175.00 to cancel with at&t if I didn't want the service anymore. They don't show you or explain hidden contracts they have through the store. If I had to give one word that will label 2685 Metropolitan Pky location : Unprofessional!!!, I will never shop at this location again!!!

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  • Ta
      Jul 05, 2011

    I wish that the Radio Shack in Egypt was closed down do to the fact that Customers service is the worst that I have ever encountered in my life. My husband buys things from there all the time and everytime he does he ends up calling customer service and the wo/men he speaks with are uneducated and are always in the argumenative mood.He is a Heart patient and has Diabetis and it could end his life if people in the middle east don't learn better their manors. They need to be more educated on how to talk and treat customers. I am American and let me tell you something if you treated a customer the way they do here in Egypt or in any other part of the middle east you would be Fired!. The Products that we get from Radio Shack are mostly referbished and put on the Red Table list and a lot of their items are junk, people in the store will tell you anything just to make a sale and when you get it home it dosen't work and are over priced. This is uncalled for and if I have too I will give names these people do not belong in customers service. We just baught a 42" plasma TV and it claims to have USB connection and there is nothing there, when my husband called to explain to them gave them all the numbers on the TV the person he spoke to started arguing, and when my husband asks for a general manager or manager the person starts arguing even more.I have one question, what do the General Managers or Managers do all day if the Customer Service will not connect you? I know what they do they sit on their back side and play on the Internet, then go home and act as if they worked hard all day. Trust me you wouldn't want to work for me that is for sure.

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  • Gr
      Feb 24, 2013

    i brought a radio from radioshack, they just told me lies about the product[which was grundigs450 ]that {1}you can turn the reciever and attach with the satelite {2}the adapter not working.and accused me with bad use, so the next day i went back to the shop requesting repacemente to any other productbut thier answere was no, and i can do nothing except using the waranty to maintain the adapter and took from me the whole reciever, manual and the ticket, after 14 days you gonna come again and take your adpter fixedthen you have your radio!

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  • Sa
      Dec 21, 2013

    i am searching for cold heat soldering iron in Cairo but i cant find
    i am really upset and i need it by January for a very important project, hope it comes to the store

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  • Ro
      Jun 03, 2016
    Radio Shack - Bad experience with purchase
    Radio Shack
    United States

    My husband bought me a cell phone for a Christmas present. First the surprise was blown when they sent the email to me instead of him. Then it was delivered without signature confirmation and left in the rain. Then my current cell become inactive and I could not make calls because Radio Shack activated the phone when it was shipped!!! I was trying to reach my sons dr for a medical emergency and found my cell phone useless. When I called to explain the situation, they further aggravated me by stating the warranty is only good until 12/25.

    First off, I would like an apology. Second, I would like the warranty on my phone extended for 30 days beyond Christmas as this is a CHRISTMAS present. Third, I think they should start requesting signatures for deliveries and stop activating phones automatically. The customer should activate the phone when they are ready!

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