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Radio Shack / selling warranties and not honoring them at all!

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Bought an Apple ipod earphone on 11-28-09 from Radio Shack at the mall

located in lakewood, CA, address Radio Shack 01-3591, 58 Lakewood Ctr Mall

Lakewood, CA [protected] phone number of the store [protected].

I also bough the warranty for this earphone piece and the sales person assured

me that if any problems, all I had to do was bring it to amy Radio Shack for an exchange,

I tripple asked him if he was sure about this and he said yes.

my receipt order # XXXX dated 11-28-2008 time 07:17 P term #003 Helped by: 001 (S R)

all this is the information on the receipt and warranty was placed under my boys name.

Here goes the story from the start and short:

1-) We bought the earphone and got the warranty on 11-28-2008 at lakewood store.

2-) We get home and find the box has used broken earphones inside at about 8:00 PM

3-) We phone the store ans speak to the manager, he apologizes and claims some how

a defective return to their store got mixed up with the new items, to just

take it to the nearest Radio Shack and I shouldn't have a problem, he also told

me to just let who ever was helping me to call him to verified this mix up.

4-)We drove to Radio Shack in Lynwood # 01-3002, where I got accused of stealing,

was denied an exchange and was put trough hell just for the mistake Radio Shack made

in the first place, after practically begging all the employess there to call the

store in lakewood to verified that I had just purchase this thing there and that the

manager there knew of the situation, one employee finally called and talke to the manager,

I have no idea what he did on the computer, but they gave a new earphone and told me to

keep my old receipt with the warranty I purchased for it.

I asked once again, am I going to have any problems exchanging this if anything goes

wrong with them? the employee asured me not at all.

So I left the store ut very upset because of my time and gas spent fixing a wrong

by Radio Shack.

5-)My boy is 10 years old and uses his ipod alot, one of the ear things stop working,

I grabbed my receipt with my warranty and drove to the Lynwood store # 01-3002, to

do a simple exchange of the earphone, after all I got warranty (So I though)

The employe made me feel like a crook once again and also kept on asking me if I

had warranty this thing before at his store( looking at his computer)

I told him I had not warranty anything at his store, that I simply walked inthere and

did an exchange from a mess up that came out of the Lakewood store, he checked with his

Manager, after a bit of a discussion they told me I have to wait for and envelope to be sent

to my house so I can send the defective earplugs for inspection because this was my second

time exchanging this things, I proceded to let them know the story from the begining but

no one wanted to listen anymore, so I am home right now wasting my time writing this long

email with my story of how i bought some warraty at Radio Shack that is not been honor and

how an employee mistake at the lakewood store got me into this hole mess and no one is willing

to liste to the customer, has any body though about my troubles I gone trough with this earplugs?

6-)I worked in retail most of my life and have never put a customer trough as many hoops as

Radio Shack has with this 29.99 item that has warranty.

My uncle bought me a Laptop from you guys for Christmas with the 2 year protection plan for it

I wonder how you guys will deal with that if anything was to happen ( Hope to God after this

nightmare, nothing, since I know now you don't stand behind your warranty at all)

I am seriously going to talk to my uncle about the laptop since is under 90 days and hasn't even

been used twice to return it or at least get a refund on that protection plan that you guys

don't seen to back up at all.

If you dont believe me about the laptop here is the date of purchase 11-26-2008 at the

Radio Shack # 01-3599 order # XXXXX 2:25 PM Term #002 helped by 010 (TMW)

He spent almost 1, 000 dollars on this and I also go to purchase at Radio Shack alot,

but after this experience I am going to make sure every friend, family member, customer that

walks into my bussiness and work place and even strangers know of this story and how the end

came out to be for the 29.99 ipod earphones and the misleading and lying tactics been put

to work on good Radio Shack customers like me.

(it is up to you guys upthere to make this right and hope fully someone with good bussiness

sense reads this story, complaint, email or whatever you want to call it)

p/s I would wait for a response if not I'll make sure you get

this email daily until a proper response is received.

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  • Pi
      30th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Not all RadioShacks are like that. In my district, nearly all of our managers, including myself are more than willing to help you, unless of course you are rude or ignorant.

  • Su
      11th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    "unless of course you are rude or ignorant." what kind of person in the service industry qualifies a statement of gaurenteed assistance with a statement like that???

  • Po
      29th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    If it has been more than 30 days the manager has the right to not accept the return of the laptop. And after 30 days you definitely can't return a service plan. That's not a Radioshack policy...that's an Assurant (the insurance company) policy.

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