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Tulsa, OK, United States
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Today at the Quik trip on 71st (store 99), I went in and there were two female employees who were in the kitchen part of the store I believe. I think their names were Tori and Aashnna? I was unable to see their names 100% clearly. I could overhear them during my trip in the store talking rudely about the staff they were working with and being disrespectful also while talking about customers coming into the store with each other. It looked as if they were possibly best friends or something of the sort. It was very obvious to anyone in the store I think that if you happened to look back towards the kitchen it was clear they were talking about people. I am transgender and I never heard them say anything about me in particular but after hearing them talk about others disrespectfully I felt very uncomfortable and unwelcome. I am aware that quiktrip is welcoming to any and all LGBTQ customers and workers which is very appreciated and respected. But after today's visit I can say that after hearing rude comments towards their own staff members and remarks about customers going in and out that I don't feel as comfortable being around that kind of environment. The rest of the store members were polite and nice while I was there. I just felt that I needed to let it be known that I've noticed that at several stores in this past month. Other than today's incident, I love Quik trip and would love to keep supporting you as a company.
Thank you for hearing my concern.

May 13, 2017

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