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This is a rip off for sure, I bid on a food saver and didn't win, they offered it for sale since I had already spent so much in bids I bought it. Ha, what a farce, I received email later that they no longer had any food savers and refunded my money and bids. Then the same thing happened on a 55" TV. I bid and after several hours of bidding I gave up and just bought it. I am still haven't heard anything except it is being processed, Well I call and finally talked to Kevin who said they had to contact the supplier and see if they can even get one. How nice of them to sell something that they physically do not have, or can't guarantee to ship. In the mean while I have had to re configure my entertainment center to accommodate this size of TV. Which has wound up costing me more then it would have if I would have just bought it from amazon. This is a rip off and twice I have bought in to trying to get something at a great price only to get burned. I am so done. It seems a fraud and should be against the law to sell something that you don't own or can't guarantee. How is it this company can continue in this unlawful practice?


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