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Questia / unfair trade practises

1 TX, United States Review updated:

I purchased a Christmas gift for my daughter of an annual subscription from Questia on Dec 12, 2007. I believed it to be non-renewing. On Dec 11, 2008 Qustia took another annual subscription. On Dec 30, 2008 I cancelled the subscription and requested a refund. I have not received one. Here are my concerns, many which I was not previously aware due to their unfair consumer practices:
1. The questia web site does not permit non-renewing subscriptions - even for one-time gifts.
2. The terms were not presented for review - I was required to enter my visa and other personal information to create the account. This is a different screen because it is a gift subscription. They used this other screen to defend their practises to me, but with gifts there are no terms agreed to!!!
3. I did not receive any advance or post-notice that an amount was to be taken from my visa statement for another annual subscription.
4. I did not authorize a second annual subscription amount to be taken from my visa (although their hidden "terms" say so).
5. The web site does not permit the entry of a "date of cancellation", nor does it provide the user any evidence that they processed a cancellation. There is no cancellation transaction number or transaction date. When I cancelled on Dec 30, 2008 they sent an effective date of Dec, 2009.
6. The web site does not permit a transfer to a monthly subscription, only goes back to the create a new subscription screen
7. As a purchaser I received NO benefit from the advance subscription Questia took from my Visa. THIS IS AN ADVANCE, I or my daughter DID NOT USE THEIR SERVICES AT ALL for the unauthorized [protected] subscription term!! Questia told my Visa the opposite so they could recover the subscription amount that had been reversed.
8. After much negotiation, several cancellation attempts, and many emails questia "offered" what they called a prorated refund of $50.00. The actual prorated amount should be $95.02 if it were based on my cancellation date. As I requested a charge back from my visa(which Visa refused due to the "terms" sent by Questia)Questia said "The prorated refund previously offered is no longer valid as the charges were disputed". I proved to Questia several times, provided VISA docs to them that I had not received a refund from Visa, but they continued to give this same answer.
9. Most concerning, is that I have NO WAY of removing my financial Visa data from the records held at Questia - their web site does not give me access to this information!!
Please assist and protect me and other consumers from the unfair business practices of QUESTIA.

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  • Je
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    Nasty way of doing business. I made sure they could not renew my subscription by changing the date my credit card expired and the number of the credit card to a phony one. It worked.

  • Qu
      9th of Jun, 2011
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    I ve been scammed by Questia as well. Ive called and they don t assumer responsibility for anything. I wish I had known about their scam before I signed up for a 24 hr trial. Sure, Questia's agreement allows them to do what they have done. But you have to admit, it's pretty deceptive. Basically, Questia quietly withdraws money from their customer's accounts and relies on their customers' forgetfulness to keep their subscriptions going. Then when customers ask for a refund, they say, 'Oh, but you agreed to this!' I m sick of Questia! They should not be functioning anymore. I am planning on exposing Questia s scam to everyone. next Wednesday I am writing to a few news stations. If you guys sent them the same complaint, they could investigate Questia scams and broadcast it to the people. I guarantee you that once that is done, they won t be in business for much longer. It took 4 months for me to be able to speak to a supervisor, who was always supposedly busy. At first they told me the supervisor does not answer calls, he responds through email. That right there was a red flag. Today I finally spoke to him! He is just as much of a jerk as the other representatives and his tone was disrespectful. How are you going to raise your voice when you are speaking to a customer. Questia complaints go back to 2008 or more and they need to be out of business NOW! I need you to help me do it.

  • Ma
      18th of May, 2013
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    I called and cancelled a subscription at 10:00 am, Pacific Standard Time, Saturday, 18 May 2013. The lady at Questia advised that I had legitimately made the subscription but that she would have it cancelled and that I should receive a $93.38 refund within three to five work days. In practical terms, this means for me that the credit should show up in next month's billing from our bank's credit card statement.

    I remain mystified as to how I became vulnerable to this large of a charge. Did I sign up under the illusion that I was getting a trial subscription? Was I promised a special incentive, no longer recalled? Sadly, one does not keep exact voice and keyboard records when these things are in their embryo form.

    Should the promised refund not appear, I shall repost on these pages.

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