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Ukraine Review updated:

The whole objective is to get contact information and eventually meet, right? Dont expect any meaningful success, the women that are writing you sometimes 10 times a day and cant live without you and then want to 'love-call' you on a daily basis, are the sites scam agents who do have a 'somewhat remote' relationship with the real girl, but will lead you astray with major deception simply to sell non-genuine. Fake letters and chats. When you finally get to the point by their well posted 'contact information' deception policy the same girl who was writing you 10 times a day and hanging on your every word suddenly writes you once off the site and disappears. The same girl who couldnt make it another day without hearing your voice in 'love call' service you pay $10/min for, all of a sudden after you exchange contact information doesnt have a phone, or its broken, or it only works in ukraine/thailand( and then the $1000's you just spent on this misrepresented girl is suddenly worthless. After you have earnestly gone through the maze, it usually takes some months and paypal and american express are generally unhelpful/powerless towards resolving your dispute. Beware of prerecorded videos and scam-cams that start and you end up having to pay for, even though you never authorized the camshare and clicked to get out of the video, again their scam agents just trying to sell more video chat for which you pay 3x a regular chat and when you ask them to touch their nose or something, they become defensive but charge you just the same. The scam chats are plagued with promises to make a journey to you which takes months to develope but in the end although you prepare in anticipation, the real girl never actually gets on a plane. Dont think that the admirers really admire you, its all a part of their huge fraud and scam to entice you to engage in very fake and phoney letters and chats. You wont be able to resolve your grievances with the site even though you repeatedly show them screen dumps of their scam and over charge operation. Approach here with extreme caution, on these qpid sites, they are trained experts and highly skillful scam agents who knowingly take advantage of your sincerity and vulnerability, entrenching you in meaningless relationships and leaving you with nothing. Please contact me if you want to know several specific and well documented examples. Lets get together and class action against this huge scam. ))

May 4, 2017
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  • Jo
      7th of Jan, 2018

    I can only agree with the above statements. Charmdate is total scam. No real contacts possible, nor they are desired by the "girls". They split the work between truly beautiful girls (models) and truly frauding writers ("translators"). Stay away.

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  • La
      28th of Jun, 2018

    I have to say that this post confirms exactly what I have suspected almost from the start, which for me was only about a week ago. I was smart enough to pay for credits only through PayPal, and a total of less than $50.00. That way I didn't expose my bank and credit card details. Because it's such a small amount, it's not (yet) worth the time and hassle of contacting PayPal or the website's "Customer Service" (lol) Department to demand a refund on the basis of fraud. However, I hereby reserve the right to reverse that decision at any time in the future, based on what develops.

    My suspicions were raised on both the China site and the Ukraine/Russia site when after viewing dozens of women on each one, I noticed that many of the photos used the exact same locations and props.

    For example, in China, does EVERY home have an identical staircase? Does every park have exactly the same blue bamboo pole to hold onto? Or in Ukraine, does EVERY home include a large double bed covered in a white quilt, with a brown leather-covered storage chest at its foot? Does every kitchen have the same style pot on the stove? Does every dining table hold the same white china tea set? Do all the women wear exactly the same clothing, shoes or boots? Despite that, there were at least 3 women who seemed more sincere and believable, with whom I initiated some site-based correspondence. It would be nice if one of them turned into a real, face-to-face relationship, but I'm not holding my breath.

    It's sad, even morally reprehensible, that there are sites like this that rip off men who are already vulnerable and hurting emotionally. MGTOW! (If you don't know what that is, Google it and search it on YouTube.)

    I would be happy to add my real name to a class-action lawsuit against these perps, even though I've lost only a small amount of money. This behavior is so disgusting, even in the way it exploits at least some of the women, and it violates all principles of respectful human interaction.

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  • Da
      3rd of Nov, 2018

    are there any class action lawsuits currently against charmdate?

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