Pure Nutrients / Nature Cleanseno refund on unauthorized credit card charge

I agreed to a free trial of Nature Cleanse, where I was only asked to pay $5.95 shipping by credit card, and within 14 days, at exactly midnight, my credit card was charged $88.00. I called company and they said they would not refund my $88.00 that was unathorized and was charged on my credit card that I used to pay the shipping cost for the product.
The website is set up so that a seperate link that you must click on, takes you to their "terms and conditions" page. It is misleading to offer a free trial, then say that the consumer only has 14 days to cancel the future shipments and charges of products every month.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Melbourne, FLWithin that 14 days, I became sick to my stomach after taking the product which consists of scary natural laxative suppliments, that eventually dehydrate the body, instead of eliminating the waste properly, the way the human body is designed to do.
This company was very rude to me when I demanded a refund, and they stood by their "Terms and conditions" statement, and would say nothing more, except that I could cancel and my credit card will not be billed next month, and every month thereafter.
I paid an extra $25 to stop payment on the unauthorized charges on my bank debit/credit card, and cancelled the card, but the money was still not credited back into my account after 5 business days. Please spread the word that this company is running a scam, misleading people into believing they are getting a free trial of 30 pills (a month's supply), when it is only 14 days. If you don't click on the tiny link at the bottom of website, and view their terms and conditions, you will be charged $88 every month for laxatives that do not work!

Pure Nutrients / Nature Cleanse


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