Pulte Homes1 year of groundbreaking delay (continue on). not mentioning the finishing time.

I ordered a condo from pulte’s onyx at san jose last year in june/2016. The move-in date on the contract is feb/2017, but until today (May, 2017), that lot is not even breaking the ground — i’m not saying that it’s not finished. I’m saying that they did not even break the ground after almost a year that I signed the contract!

They claimed that they didn’t get the permit from verizon to move the cell tower on that lot so they can’t break the ground — shouldn’t you get the permit before you can pre-sale the house? Also, we didn’t get any single notification from them about the schedule delay in past year. It’s always us who find it out.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Jose, CAWhat’s even worse is that the interest rate keeps rocketing high but we cannot lock the rate until the a month before the move-in date which is an unknown now (We don’t even know the ground breaking date).
The contract said they should finish the house in 2 years after signing the contract, but it didn’t say anything if it can’t be finished on time. They said I can cancel the contract and they will refund my deposit. But an year has passed and the house market is even higher now and I don’t have more choices…. They seem to prefer to have me cancelled since they can sell my house for even a higher price. On the other hand, in such kind of house market, I got almost no compensation either..
Question: it’s my first house and it’s never been so frustrated. I’m wondering whether there’s any way to protect myself legally, instead of sitting still hopelessly?

May 12, 2017

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