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The many complaints of high-pressure sales tactics regarding insurance, padlocks, inadequate security, uncleanliness and other egregious practices by Public Storage are true. But when it comes to a class action, the below information will astonish you.

This is an open letter to the employees of Public Storage as mentioned below. I have directly emailed duplicate statements to each of; Cheng Teng, John Bodach and Kenneth Lassegard of Public Storage Company with corporate offices located 701 Western Ave., Glendale, California 91201. These persons were advised this statement would be published within 24-hours after issuance (1305 hours) if there is no response from any of the aforementioned. If you are reading this statement (and others to follow) none of these Public Storage employees responded in kind.

Public Storage (NYSE: PSA), the self-storage and commercial real estate company with the orange logo and the largest mini storage company in the world with 160 million square feet, 2, 200 store fronts and over $2.2 billion in annual sales may be overcharging you for your storage unit by as much as 5%-12%. In addition, you may have been sold goods and services that were not required.

When you go to your Public Storage unit bring a tape measure. Accurately measure your usable self-storage space. There is a likelihood it does not match the dimensions you are paying for. It is thought that Public Storage units are “generally” smaller than advertised, and although the Public Storage contract incorporates a disclaimer with regards to such, a reputable Class Action law firm is reviewing the validity of such a disclaimer in light of certain facts.

Public Storage might owe you money if you are/were paying for a storage unit. Public Storage may have also have sold you goods and services and miscalculated invoices. Mr. John Bodach, Arizona and Las Vegas Regional Manger and Mr. Kenneth Lassegard, Las Vegas and Nevada District Manager were emailed an invoice with assurance from Mr. Bodach he would immediately justify the total amount charged. Five business days later I have not received a response. More than forty-eight hours ago I emailed Mr. Cheng Teng. I have not received a response from Mr. Teng whose name and email shows up on and appears to be a direct conduit to all corporate officers inclusive of Mr. Ronald Havner, Chairman, President and CEO of Public Storage.

Please contact (reply) to this blog at [protected] with information regarding; dimensions of storage units, items purchased and potentially over-charged, if you felt “high-pressured’ into the purchase of products or services, if the padlock or unit Public Storage sold/rented was broken into, if you were given adequate information to determine the actual dimensions of your unit prior to initial payment.

Do Not Allow Public Storage to walk away from the above. Respond to this blog at [protected] to become part of a potential class action lawsuit.

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  • Ji
      Apr 07, 2015

    I too am frustrated with Public Storage. I've been a customer since 2010. I was pressured and told that I had to carry insurance. I was also told that I had to purchase their locks. My unit doors did not go all the way to the ground so water came in every time it rained. They eventually ended up replacing the doors but charged me for new locks. My unit was also broken into and no one seemed to care. They said since their facility was gated they weren't responsible and their insurance didn't cover anything. Including damage to the doors. I even had to purchase yet ANOTHER new lock. I filed a police report but the police officer even said nothing ever happens in these cases and even said it was probably an inside job. My rent has gone up drastically every year to the sum of a 45%+ over 4 years. There has to be something we can do to fight this. I am moving my stuff at the end of the month after yet another increase was just applied to my account. Public Storage is a horrible company. They should not be allowed to take advantage of people this way. RUN far away from this company!!!

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  •   Oct 10, 2015

    On top of these grievances it should be noted that Public Storage, as a REIT or Real Estate Investment Trust, pays no federal income taxes at all. They are predators of their customers and are immune to having to support the structure of federal government that is built to support U.S. law. It is not unlike putting child molesters in charge of daycare, and enabling their immunity from criminal prosecution should they take egregious advantage of the children in their custody.

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