Provident FundingVindictive Mortgage Consultant-I withdrew my loan application to not deal with them anymore.

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My recent experience with Provident is actually quite apalling. I have excellent credit and was approved for a refinance on an already existing Provident loan. The appraisal came in 2% less than it should have to make it an 80% LTV. They would not dispute the appraisal regardless of substantial evidence proving the additional 2% was there and finding several mistakes on the appraisal. The solution was simple, just request a dispute(I can confidently say this because my place had been appraised 3 times before and value was consistent). I finally decided to withdraw my loan since I realized the stress of dealing with incompetence was simply not worth it and I did not want to come out of pocket the 2% difference as the value of my dollar is more effective elsewhere given the mortgage deduction. I sent a request to withdraw my loan in writing and then a few days later they send me a letter stating my loan was denied. I know this does not affect my credit score but the act itself of being vindictive by a company is really stupid. I'm not quite sure why they would fraudulently and falsely do something something like this since there was a paper trail with approvals but apparently they do not want to accept that not everyone has to do business with them or wants to do business with them. The low rate was attractive but definately not worth it and dealing with Stephanie Austin (mortgage consultant) was absurd. Here demeanor was unprofessional and she always attempted to be condescending and interestingly enough would not address e-mails with a greeting such as "Ms." or "Thank You" or "Regards" it was simply blurts of words further supporting her inability to communicate effectively with people. I'm thrilled to not have to deal with them any more and I encourage you to go elsewhere to refinance even if it means 0.125% more.

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  • Nu
      May 31, 2014

    They are the worst they are not only vindictive towards customers but also the brokers who try to sell their loans.
    They blackball brokers for months at a time at a whim. THE WORST ... PROVIDENT FUNDING IS POWER HUNGRY

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