Provident FundingRude, and helpless

Our business has decreased by 80% and our income as well. We contacted Provident because we knew we were going to have problems making our payments. We were told they could not talk to us as we were current on our payments. We said yes we know that we dont want to be late on our payments thats why we are calling to work something out now. We were told they couldnt help us because we had proven we can make our payments.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in ST GEORGE, UT GRRRRRRRRR! We are now 4 months behind and have filled out the paperwork for a loan modification. We were just contacted to let us know that we dont qualify for the Obama program. They claim our house payment of $2800 per month is less than the 31% of our household income of $4400 per month????????? The representative told me but there is some good news. You do qualify for another program, the only catch is your payments will be going UP! WHAT! Let me get this straight, Icant afford the payments that I have now and they are going to help us out by putting us into a payment that is HIGHER!

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