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Let me tell you a liitle story about how great they are. Their so great at helping you out, that i decided to let my house go. Every year around August we start to fall behind. Usually only a month. Last year in February we filled out their loan modification packet and sent it in.All we wanted to do was change our due date and see about lowering our monthly payment. They of course said NO to both requests. At the same time we used part of our income tax return to catch up. We received a letter from them 2 months later saying we did not qualify because we caught up. This year it happened again. We fell behind 2 months. We sent them a payment in November for September. I waited 2 weeks and the check was still not cashed. My husband called them and aked why. They said they wanted the full amount (sept, oct, and nov) plus late fees. That they would not cash any checks at all. If we had 3 months of payments we wouldn't be behind. Last year they cashed the checks if they were late 2 months. They then proceeded to tell my husband that our home was now in foreclosure. After only 2 months because november wasn't considered late yet. in novmber we started receiving notices that our house would be up for auction in March. Boy they work fast. I just recently called them to see if we could catch up using our tax return they said we would now have to pay legal fees on top of late fees and the loan amount. Needless to say we let the house go. Thank you Provident for working with us.

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      11th of Feb, 2010

    agree 200%, they dont care about the people they "deal" with (screw) they dont want to try and help in any way shape or form, oh we'll send the packet, told this by two people a month ago still nothing, you miss a payment 1 day later you get something in the mail saying you owe an ungodly penalty. STAY AWAY from this "reputable company"

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      12th of Feb, 2010

    I hate this company as much as you. They tried the same thing with me, but I'm fighting back!
    I will be that Trojan Horse that topples this company, the little man will win this time, thanks to the power of the Internet. see

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      20th of Feb, 2010

    My name is Steven K Craig and I am a published author. While finishing up my latest novel, I’m beginning the next. This next book entitled “Mortgage Lenders-Destroying America” is an expose’ on Provident Funding with my personal dealings with them in order to save my home. I’ve read story after story from other homeowners who have been treated so wrongly by this company. I’m seeking these other homeowners who have had their lives destroyed by Provident Funding and their unethical policies. Also looking for anyone else with a story concerning Provident, (i.e. Brokers, ex employees, etc.) Do you want your story told? Seeking some sort of justice? Now’s your chance to be heard! Send me your story for possible inclusion in the book. Please have documents to back up any claims against Provident Funding Associates. Keeping quiet is what will allow these companies to continue “Destroying America”, speak up and be part of the revolution. Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Press! Most forums will not allow me to include a link to the anti-Provident website so search ProvidentFunding (dot) info.

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