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I was leaving town on a 3 week vacation when my security system went down. There was a four to five day wait to get an appointment with a technician. When I explained my circumstances, I was told that they would send someone out for an emergency situation at $85.00 an hour. This incident led me to cancel my service, which had 2 months left on the contract. I paid the additional 2 months, but I continued to receive bills. The customer service rep said that company representatives had called me twice to convince me to keep the service, but since I didn't return their calls my contract was extended for another year. I asked that a copy of this policy be sent to my attorney. It was never sent. When I called back to report that their policy provisions for extending my service had not been received, I found out that they had altered the notes in their computer: removing the fact that I had canceled my service in accordance with the terms of the contract. A supervisor refused to talk with me. My account was sent to a collection agency.

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  • St
      May 24, 2009

    You can get a full service warranty for just $6 a month. How many companies do you know that don't charge a visit fee for service? Pro 1 will not charge anything if you have a warranty. I'm sure you were offered this but, you did not want to pay the extra 20 cents a day for it.

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  • Ha
      Jun 04, 2009

    Protection One does everything that is legally within their power to retain you as a payee and as little as possible that is ethical to keep you as a satisfied customer, just like many other businesses. They don't know how to cut costs effectively without curtailing service, and I don't think they care. They sold too many systems too fast and don't have the backing to support those systems. That's why they use private contractors to help out. It isn't just Protection One either, several other security companies operate using the same methods. The best defense against this business practice is word of mouth. Tell everyone you know to read the contracts completely before signing and test that system every day if you have to. Keep in mind though, there are just as many customers making ridiculous demands as there are companies using poor practices.

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