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As someone with a 10 year plus relationship with this company, which continued as I moved between two states, I strongly advise not ever doing business with this company. First, their contract is extremely one sided in their direction, and you should not sign it. Cancellation charges during the first year, automatic renewals for a year, etc. The BEST thing you can do is avoid EVER getting involved with them at all in the first place.
Second, their customer service is among the worst I've encountered. When I tried switching back from electronic billing to paper billing, calling their service number multiple times, they never helped me. Instead, they started calling me over and over to taunt me over "late bills". I've never had happen to me from any other company.
Third, after sending multiple letters cancelling my service, and paying substantial fees, they did not actually cancel my service! After all the letters I sent and payments I made cancelling the service, they called me. Though I said, no, we are done, their representative said "I understand", and let me leave you our 800 number in case you change your mind. I told him I was driving, and I couldn't write it down, but if he called me back I wouldn't pick up and he could leave that number. In the voice mail that was left, he told me that they would actually be continuing my service against my wishes!!! They have since called my home while the alarm was off and tried to report that a window alarm went off!!!
Trust me, these people are liars and they will cheat you.

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  • De
      Dec 05, 2012

    I agree with you more than 100%. I cancelled my monitoring services by sending an Email on August 17, 2012 effective that day.
    I got response that their cancellation department will call me and cancel my account. Almost a month no none call me though I gave them my cell no. After a month I call them again because they are keep taking money from my card account as a auto payment.
    Guess what, they are now threatning me every day with annoying phone call to pay up to 3 month of monitoring charges, though I took out the system from my house and did not take any services from them. Also Guess what I was with them for more than 10 yrs and they never called me or send the police when my alarm goes on.
    if You want to protect you and your family do not go with them.

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  • Du
      Dec 08, 2017

    The worst Company I have ever dealt with in my life . They do nothing but take your money . Don't try to deal with thrm.

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  • Du
      Dec 08, 2017

    @Duane Kirchner The worst Company I have ever dealt with in my life . They do nothing but take your money . Don't try to deal with them.

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