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On December 23, 2017 we lost our home in a fire. Prior to the fire we had a 3-year house alarm contract with Protect America, Inc. which would have expired the earlier part of 2017. Following the fire, I called all the pertaining home suppliers (water, electricity, gas etc) including Protect America advising them of our situation. They all required copies of the fire report. Protect America indicated that they need a copy of the fire report in order to suspend their services. A copy of the fire report was faxed to them.

I followed up with a phone call to Protect America requesting that all future billing be suspended until the house was rebuilt. Further the fire destroyed all the necessary devices that accommodated the alarm system. I also mentioned that since the company would not be able to provide alarm services during reconstruction, we will be willing to pick up where we left off as soon as we reoccupied the home, and possible re-enlist their services.

Once we returned home in January 2017, I informed Protect America we were ready to continue our contract. I was told that the company had referred the account to a collection agency. Several attempts to discuss the matter with managers failed.

Subsequently, I received a call from a collection agency, 'Anderson, Crenshaw & Associates' requesting settlement of the account. After many inappropriate behaviors from the collection agency representatives, we agreed on a settlement of $250.00. We paid the funds and requested written confirmation which was never sent to us. Our phone calls were futile.

Almost a year later, on October 2017 we received a letter from Protect America demanding that we signed a contract for the company to provide alarm services for 3 years @ $34/monthly or $1258.20 plus $309 for equipment. Should we not comply, we would be reported to the credit bureau.

Such tactics we consider fraudulent and an attempt to cheat consumers out of their hard earn money.

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  • Da
      Sep 12, 2007
    Protect America - Poor service!
    United States

    I have sent the company many letters requesting that my service be disconnected. They told me because of the automatic renewal I couldn't cancel. The system has not worked in months. I call and calls are not returned. I was told in July by Katie that my contract would be canceled if I sent in a letter I did. The contract is still in force they say that they had to receive that letter on the same day. Contracts written with automatic renewal are not fair. Can't something be done about these kind of consumer ripoffs. If a someone is suing this company over they business practices let me know.

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  • Jm
      Jun 01, 2008
    Protect America - No service provided
    Protect America
    Round Rock
    United States

    Ordered their service in Apr 08 the sales rep told me is was a basic "Plug and Play" with broadband monitoring. When the sensors arrived some of the equipment was missing so numerous phone calls later I finally received what had been ordered. After installing the system I called back to the service dept for some help in programming a couple of the sensors, the tech had me open and close a couple of the windows, I asked him point blank if he was receiving the alarms, he assured me he was.

    In May I called the monitoring station to see if they where getting a signal from my system, and as you can guess they were not. I called Protect America numerous times for HOURS to set up a PLUG and PLAY system which still does not work. After a while the tech tells me that I can go to their website and download a trouble shooting guide which tells me to contact them if the monitoring center does not get a signal.

    The bottom line here is the system does not work. We are paying $40.00+ a month and not getting a service. Can't cancel because of the contract.

    I will tell anyone that asks not to deal with this DISHONEST and UNETHICAL company.

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  • Jo
      Dec 15, 2008
    Protect America - Ridiculous business ethics out for your money!
    Protect America
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I contacted ProtectAmerica because i wanted to have a home security system (pre-installed) activated in our home we just moved in. They called me on December 1, 2017 and the sales person aggresively pursuaded me to purchase the service from them, which i did. I thought they would have my system up and running in no time. After 3 days of not hearing anything from them, i received a call from them asking me what model was my existing system. So when i got home to check, i relayed the info to them.

    The following day, she asked what specific model number, and again i relayed the information that night. The following day she asked me if i knew the master code, and to try the default. By this time i was getting irritated because she could have saved me the time by asking all the details she needed on the first day. After several days, they called again, and Kristen said that she would send me a converter panel that she was 'not sure' would be used by the technician when he gets there, but she wanted to charge me shipping for the panel regardless. I refused to pay for something that i would not use, and after talking with the supervisor, said i wont be charged for the shipping.

    You can imagine my surprise when i was charged for it. Kristen did not want to schedule the technician without the panel arriving at my home, so she advised that i wait for the panel first, and then call back to schedule for the installation. On december 9, i received the panel, and when i called up Protectamerica (i wait about 15-20 minutes to talk to someone), they told me that the technician would come to install the system on December 22. After all this wait, my system would be installed 3 weeks after i purchased the service? I was not comfortable living for 3 weeks with no security, so i told them i would cancel the service. Kristen noted the cancellation on my account, and said that Terika from cancellation would call me for the details.

    I called another security company and they had my system running in 1 day. Terika never called, and i attempted several time to get a hold of her, she was either out of the office or talking to someone else, but never returned my call. I am just trying to cancel my account, and i have to go thru so much trouble. I called twice on December 12 and finally got a hold of Terika, and now she informs me my account was not cancelled, i need to send in the converter panel for them to cancel the account. In the mean time i was charged for the first and last month, and SHIPPING charges. Plus there is a $79 restocking fee, which was stipulated in the agreement that i never received.

    The staff are rude, i was on the phone for 60 minutes and was passed to 5 different people. The supervisors werent much help either, they were apathetic to your sentiments. One supervisor (Reginald Thomas) said he couldn't do anything, and that i should have read the agreement that they never sent me. I was hung up twice, once when i asked a customer rep that i wanted to speak to his supervisor. This company is bad, just look at the number of complaints with BBB, 1029 in the past 36 weeks. The service is horrible, the staff are downright rude, and nobody wants to help you with you concerns. These guys have no regard for CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, and will rip you off with swindling business ethics

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  • Ja
      Jan 15, 2009
    Protect America - Crooks
    Protect America
    United States

    I have returened my security system to Protect america 1 year ago and the are still charging my account even though I do not use there service! I have tried several times to get answers but each time the rep. is less informed about procedures then the last one I spoken to.

    Consumer be carefull there not a good company to do business with!They will keep ur money, equipment and will not be in any way accomodating to any and all phonecalls!

    I even tried to get to any customer service supervisor and I came to the conclusion they dont exist! Rip off!!

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  • Ke
      Feb 18, 2009
    Protect America - Fraud and cheating
    Protect America
    United States

    First the sales guy lied to me saying I absolutely had to buy the system the same day I called in or I couldn't get free sensors. I was forced to buy it before I had my Vonage phone system equipment. So by the time I got my VOnage system I was past my grace period to cancel the service. I learned later that I had to buy extra equipment for $300 because the alarm system doesn't work on Vonage, unlike what the sales guy told me. I was disgusted with their lies and service but they refused to let me cancel the service. So I just stop paying them since it didn't work anyway. A few months later some lawyer who buys their collections send me a letter wanted $1100. They actually want me to pay for 3 years of service that I never had and never worked. What a scam. I'm never paying these D**cks.

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  • Co
      Feb 18, 2009

    "I was forced to buy it before I had my Vonage phone system equipment."You were? Unless there was a gun to your head, you were NOT forced.

    "they refused to let me cancel the service." Did you read your contract? I suspect not.

    "So I just stop paying them". Oh that's a bright idea... that always works!

    "A few months later some lawyer who buys their collections send me a letter wanted $1100" Guess that wasn't a good idea after all.

    "They actually want me to pay for 3 years of service that I never had and never worked." Again, that pesky contract thing again.

    Man you're really NOT ready for prime time.

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