Proactiv / unable to unsubscribe

United States

I called 3 months ago to cancel our subscription as ProActiv DOES NOT WORK! I wanted to send the prodcuts back but the representative on the phone convinced me to keep the box at a discounted rate so I wouldn't have to go through the hassel of returning the products. I agreed but told him to cancel all future orders as the product does not work. Big surprise- I got another shipment in the mail of ProActiv. I called again and big shocker- they have no records of me canceling my subscription! They refuse to credit me back my $84 saying it's past the 60 day money back guarantee. I even spoke to a supervisor and she did nothing but essentailly said I had to pay for their mistake. I am refusing to pay them another dime so it looks like they're going to put that $84 on my credit report. THIS LOUSY COMPANY HAS MADE A BILLION DOLLARS AND WON'T EVEN CREDIT ME BACK $84 EVEN WHEN I AM SENDING 2 BOXES OF PRODUCTS BACK TO THEM!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!! My daughter sees an acne specialist now who worked with the dermatologist who was developing an acne treatment that the two founders of ProActiv STOLE before he had the chance to patent it. They didn't stick around long enough to see the results of his finished research- and that's why ProActiv doesn't work!!!

Jan 21, 2015

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