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M Review updated:

1. Taking us to collections for $19.95 product that we never received.

2. Deceptive business practice, we had stopped buying, they offered us a 'trial' offer of newly introduced product, one tube of new acne medicine, for $19.95, then hit us with surprise monthly charges, claiming that they used the key word "this will be a continuing order, " which they use to justify as adequate notice that they would bill our on file charge card forever until we got back to them.

3. Claiming that they sent us an "affidavit" when we called to stop the unwanted recurring charges, even while agreeing that they have no evidence that we ever received this. Say that we somehow should have known and gotten back to them immediately when affidavit was not received, too late to do so later.

4. Proactiv Solution's 'Cole' indicates that we must pay, no other choice, or it goes to Collections immediately. May go on our credit report, which is currently spotless, after many thousands of dollars over many years paid to Proactiv Solutions.


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      Dec 08, 2010

    Dear MichaelEdwardWright,
    We're sorry you had this experience and we'd like to help you resolve it. We need a bit more information to do so; so if you would please email us your name and contact information (usually last name and zip code is all we need to look up an account if you don't have your account number) to [protected] with a link to this post, our corporate customer service team will investigate this directly.
    Best regards,
    Corrie (Proactiv USA)

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