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I ordered the proactiv 3 step system and paid 19.95, however, I was charged again a few months later in the amount of 27.94. I did not purchase anything, so I don't know why I was charged.

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  • Gu
      Apr 07, 2011

    Hi there, Please contact us directly so we can look into your account and help you resolve this. Send an email with your contact information to [protected] - with your account number if you have it - and the corporate customer service team can look into what's happening.

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  • Sc
      Apr 19, 2011

    Dear tbirdgirl09,

    As a fellow consumer I'm emailing you this advice to hopefully save you the distress of going through all the trouble I, and thousands of other Guthy Renker customers have gone through worldwide.

    Like you, Guthy Renker also continued to charge my credit card without my consent after I ordered Proactiv skincare from them only once online. When I questioned them, they told me I had joined their 'membership' program which effectively allowed them to keep on billing me! I was outraged. After Googling 'Guthy Renker scam' I realised I had been duped and was not alone. Thousands of customer complaints came up mimicking my exact problem. Everyone was complaining about unauthorised charges to their credit card.

    What I recommend you do IMMEDIATELY:

    1. Write an email to Guthy Renker ([protected] and state you want to CANCEL your membership. This is crucial. Keep a copy of this letter.
    2. File a formal complaint with your credit card provider and dispute all your unauthorised charges.
    3. VERY IMPORTANT!!! File a written complaint with the Better Business Bureau in the US.

    I also cancelled my credit card and was re-issued with a new one. I did this as Guthy Renker kept on billing me even AFTER they confirmed my membership was cancelled! This is something worth looking into.

    I hope you're able to stop these unauthorised charges on your credit card. I'm 5 months into my battle with Guthy Renker and Proactiv.
    Please let me know how you go. I will keep following this thread.

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  • Sp
      May 14, 2011

    Lol fellow proactiv users. I find it funny that all you have to do is read what you agree to especially when ordering online it says it clear as day that you will contiune to get shippments. But being click happy and assuming what it says you agree to anything and give out you card number and then call proactiv employees who had no control over what you did and yell at them like its there fault. Grant it! what GuthyRenker does is a bunch of bs and they do use cleaver wording to get you to sign up but you do indeed sign up and then yell ay people who have nothing to do with that making you a fool... sorry

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