Print All Over Me (PAOM)tee shirt order

I ordered thirteen t shirts. I told them in a message as I paid that i needed to talk to a person on the phone because i couldn't imagine buying 13 t artisan tees that didn't work. Some questions i had were not addressed on site. They emailed finally, forcing me to try to explain in email. Their answers were not relevant. Finally i said if i cant speak to a real person, I will cancel my order." Meredith" said " we will cancel your order, you're not a good fit for PAOM." Period. They reimbursed my money and here I am.
Their website is a navigational nightmare. And THEY HAVE NO PHONE NUMBER. The number they have listed in Google isn't theirs, and the people who answered the phone said they get their complaints all the time and they have repeatedly asked them to remove the number. Too bad, because, as I told them, they have glorious stuff.

THEN they sent me a follow up "rate this experience" form. When i tried to do this, they had blovked me. Is this "company" run by a coterie of Mean Girls? Evelyn handed off to Meredith.

Nov 30, 2018

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