Primerica Representative / Referring to a job fair were I met primerica representative who stole money out my account

Duluth, GA, United States
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Monday [protected] I went to a job fair with a friend of mine and met with Ms.Karyn Gils ( phone # [protected] ) and Ms.Danon Chanes ([protected]). Ms.Giles Introduced me to the program and she sent me to Ms.Danon. I told Ms.Danon about my situation about me recently being unemployed for a year and how i barely have any funds. She mentioned if i wanted to join the company the company would put $100 in my account so that being said i showed her my account book and she wrote down the bank account #. I asked her why and she said that is were the company will be depositing the money for me joining the company. I called her the same day there was no answer. The next day i spoke to Ms.Giles she told me to borrow the money from a friend and i told her i did not want to be apart of this scheme iand she hung up on me. These Employees Under Primerica Wrongfully Toook 99.00$ out of my count which i need put back or i will takle it upon myself to take this issues to court. I am going through my own issues at home already for this to be happening so i addressed my concerned hopefully someone will take action on it.

Jan 24, 2017

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