Premier Cancun Vacations / telemarketing scam

Canada Review updated:

Nov. 27 morning (Strangely on my birthday) got this phone call saying I won a unique deal in cancun for 1 week. My boyfriend being naive and unaware of those terrible scam agreed the contract and we paid up to 600$ before we actually got on internet and found out how bad this deal was! We are not going to spend double money on the worst motel and vacation thats for sure! Everything from them was lies and such a companie cant be trustable. All they are is rip off, a time money and peace of mind trap for their own profit. This is so frustrating! All we want its to get refund and this telemarketting travel agency companie put down for good!
We are probably not the only in this situation. If youre living through such a bad time and know how to get further to get our money back and complaints more visible please contact me. I dont want those criminals to go on with this, this is illegal and should criminally judge!
S. J.

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  • Cr
      Nov 09, 2010

    Common hes not the only one, everybody does mistakes and i agree thats a stupid one, but those [censored] should be put down, why can they keep doing that anyways!

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