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Premier AutoMart, Inc / they charged my debit card $10000 without my conesent

1 816 S. Erie Highway, Hamilton, United States Review updated:


I was referred to this car dealer by, Permier Automart stole $1000 from my debit card!!! I was shopping around for a car, when I went to this place, I looked at a car, it was a 2006 PT cruiser with 63, 000+ miles on it. My husband wanted to have his mechanic check it out, and we also wanted to check it out on before deciding. We told this to the sales "Lady" ( I use the term lady, loosely), she asked for my card, I assumed to check to make sure it was valid. I didn't think anything of it because we had not signed a purchase agreement, I had not given her copies of all my income, I had not told her I was going to buy the car. So I gave her the car, she went into a side office, came out and we started talking about the car again. My husband kept trying to get a final price from her, she finally told us it would be about $14900+, two years of payments at $260 every two weeks. My husband thought this was very high for a 2 yr old car that had 63, 000 miles on it. When i advised her that I agreed with my husband about having to talk about it first, I asked what if I would leave a small deposit and came back with a mechanic the next day, if he found something wrong with the car, would i get my money back. She said NO, that is when my husband said that we will discuss it overnight and be back the next day. I asked for my card back, she went to the side office to retrieve it, when she came out, she told me the card was allready charged and told me to sign two papers. one was a register receipt, authorizing the charge, the other a computer printout, I assumed that was to show they had me money. there was no vehicle information on the printout, so i signed that one and not the register receipt. My husband and I went outside to talk about what we were going to do, and to vent at my money being charged without my consent. I did not have enough money for car insurance, I had no plans on walking out of a dealer with a car that day, I know you have to have insurance to take a car. I filed complaints with the BBB, the Consumer protection agency and my bank. My bank said I had to wait until it was sent to them to file a dispute, we called Premier and was told that since i didn't sign the register receipt, they couldn't take the money. Well, the money is gone, has been gone since 6am the next morning. My bank refuses to refund the money because fo the computer printout I signed.

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  • Sh
      21st of Jan, 2009

    i bought a truck from premier so far they have repoed it once and now again a month later they take out payments when it makes it late so jenny comes and gets it now i have pd 6000 into a truck i wont have saw a lawyer and since it is a lease to own im out of luck

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  • Er
      22nd of May, 2009

    I know exactly how the both of you feel. I "leased" an SUV from Premier and they charged my card once for $1776 and when I called and asked them what it was for, they couldn't give me any information. They told me that I had to speak to Ginny because it was in regards to a repo, but the SUV was still infront of my apartment, therefore no repo. I ended up talking with Ginny who made me believe that the payments were indeed owed (the $1776) but that she would "work with me" on an arrangement. I told her that I was going to reverse that payment because I needed that money, and this evil woman agreed to it. The NEXT DAY, her daughter who is an "employee" at Premier was knocking on my door because "the bank sent them a letter saying that my payment was fraudulent". When I called Ginny to straighten the matter out, she cursed at me many times within the conversation, before hanging up on me. When I called her back to tell her to talk to her daughter to have her drive back to Hamilton, without my vehicle, she said "No, since she's come there to get it, she can't return without it". First of all, how in the world would I reverse the payment one day, and the next morning Destiny (Ginny's daughter) be there to pick up my vehicle because the bank sent a letter to them? ALREADY?
    These people are unprofessional, inconsiderate, and just downright mean. I hope they never get back what they've given to other people; grief, stress, and unreported payments to the credit bureau when you really need that to show up! Lesson learned, but it was hard...

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  • Ra
      23rd of Feb, 2010

    i also had a car with them they came the first time 2 months after i had the car and told me it was up for repo that i was $1500 behind well i got that settled then the next year the same month and same day down to the "T" they came and repoed the car i went and gave the money they said i owed them then when i went to get my car back the next day there was a mysterious $850 charge that they could not tell me what it was for i had only $3000 to go before it was paid off and i called out of curiosity to see if it was back on the lot and they had it back on the lot for another $10, 000 so my advise to anyone who comes across this site please take heed to what we have posted and run away from premiere auto in hamilton sad i loved that envoy lol lol lol FYI- i was never late on any of my payments and had all my records of payment so tell me how they got away with that

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