Prada / america cup shoe sole failure

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

I purchased a pair of Prada America cup shoes at a cost of over £350 ukmpounds. These shoes have been well looked after and only worn for special occasions. The last time I wore them I noticed that the soles on both shoes have started to come away from the leather upper part of the shoe and lave left the shoe completely useless ! I find that this is unacceptable from a product that costs so much. I would expect that a brand like prada would use better materials and that these shoes should last a lot longer due to their expense. There is nothing wrong with any other part of the shoe and would like to know weather it's possible to get these re soled by sending them back to prada or whoever manufactures them as I feel that this is a poor manufacturing process with materials that are not up to the purpose that it being used for !


Sep 27, 2017

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