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Power Ride Outlet [PRO] / Liar's, cheats, & thieves!!! Do not give them your money or business

1 1336 W 9th St.Upland, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-282-8369

This company and all its workers or all LIARS & CROOKS!! I purchased a 125cc coolster ATV for my children for christmas. I ordered ATV and helmet to match. Recieved ATV, no helmet had to call them with the safety of my kids in mind wanting this helmet for their first ride. They sent the helmet we recieved it christmas eve, luckily. While waiting on the helmet I put the unit together, double checked all other bolted items, and test drove it enough to set the speed. The kids (10 year old son and 7 year old daughter) find it outside with a big red bow for christmas very happy. They ride it for 2 hours take a break and ride it again for 2 more hours until it stops running in the middle of my daughter riding. Horrible experience starts there. I call them on 12/27/14 to discuss what could be wrong for the ATV to not have any spark and they tell me to fill out warranty paper work and they will send CDI, and Coil. takes 3 weeks to get parts I change and still no spark. Call back they say it could be the stator but it is harder to change, so I tell them I can handle it I am pretty mechanically inclined. They send the stator so I take apart the housing and find that they sent the wrong stator. Find that the stator is deffinetly the problem due to 1 of the 2 screws that holds the stator in came loose and got caught up in the magneto and shredded the stator. They tell me to take more pics and fill out more warranty paper work so I do for the stator, the magneto because its all banged up, the bolt that holds it because it is ruined, the stator housing because the ruined bolt destroyed the threads in the housing, a new gasket for the housing also the remote kill because it never worked from the get go. They send me the rite stator and 2 new bolts and thats it and tell me the rest is on the way still after 4 weeks of waiting already. Long story short it is 5/9/15 and I still don't have the rest of the parts that they say was urgent sent, still no spark and still no running ATV for my kids after 5 monthes. I have called these people at least 20 times, spent at least 5 hours on hold, requested the manager or owner to call me 7 times to no avail. Christy and Claudia are the women that always answer the phone and always tell me the same thing when asked for the manager or the rest of the parts; he is not in the office now or the parts have been sent out with a bogus tracking number. I have told them i want money back or my ATV sent to someone that they pay for repairs or I am turning them into Better Business Bureau, Complaint board, and taking legal action. Still no call from manager so here is the start contacting BBB tomorrow. DON'T GIVE THESE CROOKS YOUR MONEY OR BUSINESS THEY WILL SCREW YOU!

Power Ride Outlet [PRO]
Power Ride Outlet [PRO]
Power Ride Outlet [PRO]
Power Ride Outlet [PRO]
Power Ride Outlet [PRO]

May 9, 2015
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      24th of Mar, 2016
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    I also brought a coolster product for my kids on Christmas. They were so happy to get a dirt bike the QG-50. But they were soon disappointed when in the middle of there ride the bike stops working. I have took the bikes apart to also find a random bolt stuck to the magneto. I removed the bolt put back to still no good. And still don't have this figured out and the funny thing is that the bolt that I found doesn't go to the bike.

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      28th of May, 2017
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    Agree with all your commpents jake from iowa atvs and more i purchased two and 3 times of riding chains stretch fall off of both. One was missing the hand guards in the beginning of purchase said they were going to get them to me I'm off now and still ain't got them to me keep giving me every [censored] reason that there was then a man could come up with so he says he was going to order new jeans and handguard soon as he gets them in he'll have them bring us down and get them fixed and take care of me with no problem no phone call I take them to him tell him that they need to be fixed don't know what's wrong with one of them starter is making a horrible grinding noise and it doesn't even work they said at his place for three weeks deliver order new jeans deliver order new jeans they take one of them and take a link out of one of them in the other ones not even touched still missing hand guards and starter not ordered or fixed so I go down there I pick him up tell him how much horrible business that they've done even when they first told me that they were going tell fix them now I'm going to take legal action. He even agreed with me when I took him down that the change on those are weak and they stretch so he was going to replace them with new then I look at the chains and one of their workers told me that all they did is tucking [censored] link out of it are you [censored] serious so people do not buy any of these ATVs from the Pacific Junction Iowa ATVs and more owner's name Jake or that's the son his dad is the owner.

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