Postnet / Fraud

United States

Around ten days ago I applied for a loan. The company in question had been sending me e-mails regularly for about 10 months and then when I had a small financial crisis I asked if a loan of £5000 pounds could be sorted out.
The company were very helpful and I'm sure they themselves were reputable brokers.
I recieved several phone calls asking for more information etc and several phoned me back and said there was no problem and I could have the loan. I would have to pay the brokers a fee but not until the money was in my account.
Then this morning I got a very similar phone call at 9.55am asking if I was still wanting a loan. I said no, then the 'woman' asked if my address was... and if my post code was...which they were then she asked if my phone was contract or payg.I told her it was with a certain company, and then she hung up.
15 minutes later I went online as it was my usual payday to check my incapacity benefit was in. It was, but, it was £49.95 short and showed a debitcard transaction for that morning.
I rang the bank who said a transaction for £49.95 had been made that morning at 10.02 (literally minutes after their phone call). I asked fhe name of the company which of course was POSTNET Ltd. T/A CGS.
I never at any point gave her my bank details ( just confirmed my address).
Obviously I'm furious but what makes me angrier is that this company seems to take everyone for £49.95 ? and has been doing it since 1998. Why aren't they behind bars, blacklisted or have a red light flash when they try to withdraw money from any account.
AS i said I'm on incapacity benefit and honestly dont know how I'm going to get through the fortnight.

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