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I ordered a crib from Poshtot's website labeled "quick ship." It was supposed to ship in 7 to 10 business days. After 12 business days, I contacted the shipping department and was told by Jessica that the crib wouldn't ship out until the following week. This was the first in what would become a pattern of frustrating conversations with Poshtots. I was told the crib would ship the following week. I called the following week and was told the crib would ship the next week, and repeat. Note that, at no point did anyone from the company contact me to let me know there was a problem. Allegedly, the delay was the manufacturer's fault. Finally, the crib shipped out months after it was to arrive. At this point, my baby had arrived, outgrown her bassinet, and was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I just unpacked the crib, and not only does it not match the picture on the website, but it was obviously broken and badly mended by the manufacturer. The box and shipping materials were pristine - it was clearly packaged in this condition. To say I'm upset and disappointed is beyond an understatement. I paid for this crib months ago. Poshtots took my money, failed to deliver on a promised product, and waited until I made a nuisance of myself to address my concerns. Now I have a product that is worth nothing like what I paid for it. And what am I going to do now? Package it up, ship it back, and wait for a replacement? At this rate, my baby will be ready for a toddler bed by the time I have a crib for her.

This review is for the Angelina Iron Crib. Note the bar that I've taken pictures of is not even in the picture on the website. For some reason, it seems to have been (badly) attached before the crib was painted.


Aug 08, 2016

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