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Puchong, Malaysia
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To whom it may concern,

I have a lazy and disrespectful posman that does not always put my letters in my letterbox. He leaves my letters on my car when he sees my car/cars parked in front of my gate. He even had the audacity to ask me to move my car because he cannot access his motorbike to my letterbox. I told him to get off his motorcycle and walk 10 feet to get to the letterbox. I told him that his behaviour of riding his heavy motorcycle on my garden path is unacceptable and has caused damage to my pavers (paver's have since been replaced ). He said that If i don't like it too bad or he doesn't have to deliver my letters when confronted. Excellent customer service!

From time to time i find my letters left on my car and counting myself lucky that it was not stolen or damaged from rain. I did not have such luck this morning.

I expect my letters to be delivered with some measure of care instead of disregard.

I hope this can be resolved quickly as i am running out of patience with this disrespectful representative of Pos Malaysia. My next complaint about this will be more public.

Pos Malaysia

May 17, 2017

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