Pos Malaysia Berhad / late delivery

Pos laju, i would like to suggest better if you could never use the landline at all. What is the use of a phone if you can't answer the call nor its engaged all the time. Especially Puchong area. Korang ni berapa lama nak simpan barang orang ? Service delivery company lain okay je. Hang punya apehal macam ni ? Selalu lambat, lepas tu call tak angkat. Takde guna ada tracking number, landline kalau satu pun tak bagi manfaat. Baik jangan guna landline langsung. Satu barang takkan nak tunggu sampai setahun ? Please lar, takde guna ada complaint board if you guys are not going to read all the complaints and improve your service.

Jul 26, 2018

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